"Ghosts" By Vesper

K.P. Peters | November 2017

Right here. Right now. We are releasing the first music video from Vesper. Vesper is composed of Samantha Humphreys and Zak fox. This sad pop band is known for their beats and honest lyrics that light up the dance floor.

For their first music video, the band picked the track “Ghosts.” This song was written after the two had lived a part for a little while. Sam had moved from Chicago with the intention of not coming back. When she returned she felt very haunted by her past self. Their first studio session back together tapped into this feeling.

Zak didn’t like the song at first. He wrote the beat with Sam and tried to scrap the idea many times, but She was attached to the sound. Now it’s one of his favorite Vesper songs.

The video itself include bold colors and lots of dancing. The video perfectly captures Zak’s cinematic and metaphoric vision. But, I don’t need to tell you about it. Watch “Ghosts” by Vesper below and catch them at the House Of Blues Jan. 4.

& by Jesse Rutherford

Ally Schell | November 2017

Jesse Rutherford, the frontman for The Neighbourhood, has just released his own album that separates him from the music he and his band have previously made. But who is Jesse? Jesse is a singer and actor, he was featured in Life or Something Like It, a 2002 film about the meaning of life. Although Jesse no longer sees the lights of hollywood, he sees the lights on the stage as a part of his band. The band recently released an EP titled Hard. This new EP fits the theme of the band and its sound but recently, Jesse began releasing his own music. & is his new solo album and it is much different from any of the band’s music.

    The cover of the album features Jesse in different poses, but they all have one thing in common--Jesse in his red lipstick. Jesse and his band has made a monochromatic or black and white style throughout all of their albums that can be linked to Jesse’s rare form of color blindness. However, in his solo album he uses many colors, specifically pink, to show his soft side and steer away from his traditional ways.

    Now onto the music. “Barbie and Ken” starts off with a new wave of music for Jesse. It starts off with more of a rap beat with no guitar or drums, mainly electronic. He explains through his music that he keeps it real and that him and his girl, most likely Devon Lee, are the new Barbie and Ken. It also says “put your lipstick on my mouth” which could be a direct correlation to his red lips on his album cover. There is also a correlation to Wiped Out! When he says “all white lighter” which was previously mentioned in his song “R.I.P 2 My Youth” when he stated “I’m using white lighters to see what’s in front of me”. He could have mentioned this to show that although he is trying to be apart from his previous music, he is still attached in a way.

    “Barbie and Ken” was a fast paced rap but “Blame”  is much slower. It talks about his family dynamic and its dysfunction playing into his life. He talks about his father and why he always had to keep a bottle open and how his mother raised him. But he admits that he doesn’t blame his father or mother for the things that they have done. This is strongly attached to the title “Blame” because he doesn’t feel like he can make anyone be the fault for who he is. He also suggests that he isn’t okay and states that he is “rotting away inside”. This shows that he still has his dark side even though his song “Barbie and Ken” talk about the glamour in his life. He still feels a sense of hopelessness amongst the soft beats.

    These are just two of the eleven fresh songs that Jesse has put out. Of course it strikes fear in any fan’s heart to see a frontman like Jesse produce a solo album but, as you can see, there are many upsides to this. You will start to see that Jesse is realizing many things on his journey to individualism. Whether it be about his family, himself, or others he is learning how to deal with it all. Of course, being a fan myself, I worry about him pulling an Alex Turner and leaving to start his solo career. However, sometimes it is for the best. Who knows, maybe he will decide that going solo isn’t his thing?



White Reaper Preview

Meghan Boyles | November 2017

On Tuesday, November 14th, White Reaper will be playing an all-ages show at Metro.

The band, which hails from Louisville, Kentucky, is known for addictive guitar-based tunes reminiscent of 70s arena rock. Their discography consists of two EPs and two full-length albums. Some may say that the title of their newest album is fitting: It’s called “The World’s Best American Band.” It was released this past April through Polyvinyl Record Co., and if you give it a listen, you’ll get what I mean when I say that the songs are meant for blasting.

The band has been on the road almost nonstop since the album was released, and it seems that Chicago can’t get enough of them: They played the Beat Kitchen in May, Lollapalooza in August, and a Lolla after show. If you still haven’t gotten a chance to see them, you won’t want to miss this show.

Joining them will be local favorites Post Animal, a five-piece psych rock band that has been compared to Tame Impala.

If you want to spend your Tuesday night rocking out with White Reaper and Post Animal, head on over to Metro on the 14th. Doors open at 6:00, and the show starts at 7:00. Tickets are still available, so grab them while you can.

Vibe Playlist 11/6

Meghan’s Picks

“I Know” – Aly & AJ

I’ll be honest: I know very little about pop music. But when I heard that the former Disney stars Aly & AJ had returned from their ten-year hiatus to release the song “Take Me,” I got so excited that I wrote an article about it. They were my childhood heroes, and now they’re back with an EP titled Ten Years that will be available on November 17th. The second single from the EP, “I Know,” was released on Friday and is an absolute jam. Not just for nostalgic purposes, either – if I heard the song and didn’t know it was Aly & AJ, I would still listen to it on repeat. I have very high hopes for the rest of the EP, and I will gladly put my “punk cred” on the line to see them in concert if/when they play in Chicago. These two deserve all the success in the world.


 “Burden You” – Pity Sex

Pity Sex is a shoegaze band from Ann Arbor, Michigan. They were one of my favorite bands until they announced their hiatus in October of last year—I’m still super bummed about it. I was listening to them a lot this week and thinking about how much I miss them. Their second album, White Hot Moon, was released in April of last year and contains this song, “Burden You.” The song alternates between male and female vocals and has the wonderful fuzzy guitar tones that the band is known for, plus lyrics that will hit you in the feels. The line “I’ll never say I loved you because you know I still do” gives me chest pains every time. Listen if you want to cry blood.



Evan’s Picks

“Sensations” –  Elohim (Whethan Remix)

            This one is a high energy single released by Elohim (a Los Angeles native) and remixed by Whethan, a DJ from our own town of Chicago. The electronic song was released on May 17th, 2016 and quickly began to steal fans hearts and make its way up the charts. I have picked this song this week because just last week, many of my friends saw Whethan in my hometown of Detroit. They said his show was dope and sent me videos of this one cause its my favorite. The thing I like about it is right before the beat drops, the vocalist cuts out and you’re able to feel the words translated into sounds of a foreign language. It’s just awesome to me. Think of your loved one and feel this song out with them. It’s the best.


“Rewind” – Wingtip

            This indie/electronic/pop hit comes from one DJ I believe we will be hearing great things about in the years to come. That DJ is Wingtip, from the west coast city of San Francisco. I had the chance to meet Wingtip this past year at Lollapalooza and he actually gave me and my friends Taco Bell gift cards. (Pretty rad I know) He exemplifies character and love for his fans that every performer should have. His hit “Rewind” uses beautiful vocals that transcend into a flowing bea that carries you throughout the song. I have picked this song because I will be seeing Wingtip this weekend and hopefully again in Chicago the week following. I can’t wait to jam out to the funky disco beats and hear all of his passionate tracks once again.



K.P’s Picks

“Told You I’d Be with the Guys” – Cherry Glazerr

Cherry Glazerr is another hard rocking feminist punk band. They are known for heavy guitar riffs and lyrics with attitude. This song is the opening track of their 2017 album “Apocalipstick.” The intro guitar riff will stay stuck in your head for days, and the melody will make you sway. This LA based alternative rock band is making a name for themselves. I strongly recommend their unapologetic sound.

“Hey Ya!” – Outkast

I think more people should listen to this song all the time. This is just a reminder to go back and listen to it again.


Have Mercy Preview

Kelley Sloot | November 2017

Formed in 2011 in Baltimore by Brian Swindle, Have Mercy has become a staple in the punk rock scene. Swindles' coarse voice is paired with guitarists Nate Gleason and Ryan Harris, bassist Britain Weyant, and drummer Luke Smartnick. They released their first full length album, The Earth Pushed Back, in 2013; and the raw, honest lyrics accompanied by the strong instrumentals drew in the attention of emo and punk fans everywhere.

Since their first album debut, Have Mercy has released two more full length records that have successfully tied together any of their loose ends to create a sound that is much more intense and satisfying. In their most recent album, Make The Best Of It, long-time fans can easily notice the way Swindle’s voice has matured into a more controlled, though just as strong, version of his previous self.


Although they’ve all grown up both as people and as a band, there is no doubt that fans relate to Have Mercy now just as much as they did in 2013. With lyrics about love, loss, and everything in between, it’s no wonder their shows are always filled with passionate fans shouting the words along with them.

Performing a sold out show at Subterranean November 4, Have Mercy’s a band you gotta check out while they’re on tour!

Vibe Playlist 10/30

Meghan’s Pick


“No Poetic Device” - AFI

There’s nothing like some horror punk to get into the Halloween spirit, so I spent this week listening to AFI’s 1999 album Black Sails in the Sunset. It’s always my go-to around this time of year. I first discovered this album my freshman year of high school when I thought I was edgy, but unlike many of the things I listened to at that time, it still holds up. Black Sails was released four years before the band went mainstream with the album Sing the Sorrow. Newer AFI fans might be surprised at how different it sounds from their alternative rock sound of today. It blends “fast and angry” with “dark and dramatic” to create a sound that is perfect for Halloween. My favorite song from the album is “No Poetic Device.” With lines like “I die in my daydreams,” you’ll feel edgy if you listen to it, too.

“Having a Blast” – Green day

If you know me, you know that Green Day is the reason I started liking music in the first place. I got their CD for my twelfth birthday, and the rest is history. Although I’ve spent my recent years expanding my horizons to more than just 90s punk, this is the stuff I always come back to. Green Day and AFI are both from northern California and spent their early years playing at spaces such as the iconic 924 Gilman Street. The members of Green Day were in their early 20s when they broke into the mainstream with the 1994 album Dookie, which I listened to on my way to and from class every day this week. Green Day have over 150 songs across twelve studio albums, so it’s very difficult to pick a favorite, but if I had to choose, “Having a Blast” would definitely be in my top three. The lyrics describe a suicide bomber who is ready to destroy everything in sight to avenge his own pain. It’s perfect to listen to when you want to get your anger out. 



K.P.’s Pick


 Marceline – Vista Kicks

 I found this song on my discover weekly and I have to say Spotify has got me. This song brings rocking guitar and smooth vocals. The chorus hits and you have to dance. The reverb on the bridge makes anyone want to sing along. Then it fades into a killer guitar solo with the best ending to any song. Drum and guitar hits lead you to a conclusion, and just when you think it’s over they add one more. The rock song sings to tell Marceline they ain’t her man. The not-so-love song comes with the perfect album cover art. “Chasing Waves,” Vista Kicks first album, features a cartoon car running from a wave. In the wave is a host of comical references and items.



“Cross My Mind” – A R I Z O N A

A R I Z O N A  (spaces between each letter) is a rock/ electropop band from New Jersey. In 2016 they released this great song. Though they are a mix of t wo very different genres they do it will. For the electropop feel they use drum machines, synths, and smooth vocals. The rock elements comes out most in the suspension before and during the chorus. This song will make anyone reminiscent of lost loves. The lyrics are smooth and relatable.

King Krule Preview

Meghan Boyle | October 2017

On Monday, October 30th, King Krule will be returning to Chicago for the first time in four years to perform a sold-out show at Metro (18+) as part of his two-month-long US/UK/European tour.


King Krule is one of several monikers used by British singer-songwriter Archy Marshall. He has many musical projects, but King Krule is undoubtedly the most well-known. Under the King Krule alias, Marshall performs slow indie rock that is influenced by hip-hop and jazz. King Krule’s first studio album, “6 Feet Beneath the Moon,” was released in 2013 and includes hits such as “Easy Easy” and “A Lizard State.”


The second and newest King Krule album, “The Ooz,” was released just last week on October 13th. Clocking in at over an hour for its 19 songs, the album has been called a “blessing” for fans, who have been waiting for new King Krule material for years. Singles from The Ooz include “Czech One,” “Dum Surfer,” and “Half Man Half Shark.”


If you thought you wouldn’t mosh at a King Krule show, you may have thought wrong: the opening act will be Show Me the Body, a hip-hop-influenced hardcore band from Brooklyn, New York. The band is on the rise and is beginning to stray from their typical punk audience—they played Coachella this past summer and donated the money to charity.

There’s no better way to spend your night before Halloween than at Metro with King Krule and Show Me the Body. Doors open at 8:00 PM, so make sure to be there early if you want a good spot! The opening act will take the stage at 9:00.


Vibe Playlist of The Week - 10/23/17

Evan’s pick

“MILK” – The 1975

            “Milk” happens to be my favorite song by The 1975. The alternative/indie pop band from Manchester has quickly become very popular and is currently working on their third album. The song “Milk” is one of The 1975’s song from their first album. It is more alternative than their second indie pop album “I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It.” I picked this song because of the way it lets listeners express their emotions. The guitar in this song rips through the song like wildfire. I love when this song comes on after a long moment of silence in their song “You.” It always is the most pleasant surprise.

“Silence” -  Marshmello (Illenium Remix)

            This electronic song by Marshmello has recently been remixed by Illenium (native of San Francisco.) I love the way this remix adds depth and slower feelings to the track. I feel as if the emotion of this song is amplified by Illenium and in my opinion the bass drop is way better. I first heard this song in a video of Illenium’s set at Lost Lands Music Festival. I had been searching for this song, and when it was finally released on Spotify it instantly became a daily listen. I would expect nothing less than this amazing track because it features three of my favorite performers.

Meghan’s Pick

“Straight Edge” - Minor Threat

When Ian MacKaye of the DC hardcore band Minor Threat (and later, Fugazi) wrote the song “Straight Edge” in 1981, he had no idea it would start an entire movement. The lyrics, which condemn the use of substances, inspired a philosophy that takes the name of the song—straight edge—and has three principles: don’t drink, don’t smoke, and don’t do drugs.  Straight edge folks have been a staple of the hardcore community since then, and I am one of them. National Edge Day was this past week on 10/17, and you better believe I celebrated it with the 46-second song that started it all. If you’ve never listened to it, check it out to hear an important piece of punk history.


 “In the Middle of it All” - Citizen

I walked into class on Wednesday night and Alicia, the wonderful manager of the Chicago Vibe who sits in front of me in that class, asked me if I wanted to see Citizen and Sorority Noise.

“Sure, when?”

“Tonight, after class.”
I am not the type of person to make spontaneous decisions, but I went, and I am eternally glad that I did. I was, dare I say, shook. Citizen is an emo/indie band from Michigan, and I have been a fan of theirs for a long time. Three out of five members, including frontman Mat Kerekes, follow a straight edge lifestyle, so the show was a nice day-after-Edge-Day celebration for me. Their album, As You Please, came out earlier this month on the 6th and includes this song— “In the Middle of it All.” It’s truly mesmerizing, and in my opinion, it’s one of the best songs off the new album.

K.P.’s Picks

“Alaska” – Maggie Rogers

This song is its own unique listening experience. Singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers delivers an epic tale of finding one’s self. The intro has a bubbly synth pattern that fades into the artists vocals. She sets the scene for growth and personal development. The high pitch chorus delivers serine happiness to the listener. Whenever I do my morning yoga I play Maggie Rogers. Her music has this amazing ability to bring a wave of calmness. If you like Oh Wonder, you’ll love this song.

“Seashore” – The Regrettes

This song is a feminist punk anthem. The music video and lyrics take on a political stance saying women are more than you give us credit for. The theme of the song is to not talk to lead singer, Lydia Night (or any girl for that matter), like a child. This anger driven track gives me a confidence boost every time I listen. This is the punk band everyone needs to listen to, starting with "Seashore" then working through the rest of their album "Feel Your Feelings Fool!" They are touring now, and will be in Chicago November 30 at House of Blues.

The Front Bottoms Preview

K.P. Peters | October 2017

Everyone has a throwback memory of the song “Twin sized Mattress” by The Front Bottoms. It’s no wonder that this band has kept making music. On October 26, the band will be performing a sold-out show at the Metro. This show is apart of their “Going Grey” tour.

“Going Grey” keeps all the wonderful things the band has become known for. With enchanting lyrics and whimsical guitar, this album should be stuck on repeat. The band maintains their sad lyrics contradicted by fun dancing tunes. A perfect example of this is the opening track, “You used to say (Holy Fuck).”  If holding on to 2010s nostalgia is your thing, this album is for you. This timeless band will bring back lots of feelings and memories.

The opening acts for this tour include Basement, an English rock band from Lpswich. This band took a hiatus in 2012, but came back kicking to 2014. Their last album “Promise Everthing” includes hits like “Aquasun.” Their devoted fans have found them similar to a vintage Jimmy Eat World.


The Front Bottoms is performing with the underrated Bad Bad Hats. Bad Bad Hats is most known for the quirky tune “It hurts.” They bring loving lyrics, indie vibes, and a kazoo together to make a perfect love song. That’s right, Kazoo.

This Minnesota band breaks conventional music rules. They combine characteristics of different genres to make their unique sound. If you’re in the mood for mellow rock, you can’t go wrong with them. If you are a fan of Hippo Campus or similar bands you will love Bad Bad Hats

Seven Songs to Spook Your Spirit

Emily Cosgrove | October 2017

I have always loved Halloween. First off, the holiday happens during the best season—fall. I hate summer! I even hate spring! Call me “emo”, but I live for gloomy days and weather where I get to finally break out my beloved faux fur coats. Unfortunately, here in Chicago fall lasts literally two weeks. Also I love ANYTHING spooky, creepy, macabre, obscure. I am obsessed with the paranormal, scary movies, oddities in our pop culture (and if you are too, check out my column for The Chicago Vibe, “WTF!”). Halloween is dedicated to just that. And who doesn’t love dressing up in costumes?! I have seriously had my costumes planned for months.

But lastly, and most importantly, Halloween and Halloween-themed movies have spawned some of the greatest songs and soundtracks of all time. Not necessarily musically brilliant, but entertaining, weird, and unique nevertheless.

So, if you need a spooky playlist for your Halloween party, or just want to get in the Halloween mood, I decided to compile a list of seven of the best Halloween songs ever made! But don’t be mislead—you won’t find any “Monster Mash” or the Ghostbusters theme here. That’s overdone. I want to recommend some obscure--yet iconic--songs that you probably haven’t heard of. Because what’s the fun in seeing the same stuff over and over?

Here we go!

7. “Spooky”- Lydia Lunch

Okay, this one isn’t from a movie soundtrack, but it is amazing and needs to be included. This song randomly popped up on my Discover Weekly feature on Spotify (which you need to check out, I have discovered some of my favorite songs from those playlists), and listen to it constantly. It’s a cover of the Classic IV song and it is so badass, and sounds mysterious and…spooky.

6. “Never Was a Love Like Mine”- Gale Garnett (from the claymation Mad Monster Party)

When I say I enjoy obscure elements of our pop culture, THIS is what I am talking about!I doubt the majority of you have ever seen the 1967 Rankin/Bass claymation movie Mad Monster Party, but that means you should go watch it NOW. You know who Rankin/Bass is—they created many Christmas classics like Rudolph, Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town—basically all those classics you see on TV during Christmastime. Mad Monster Party just never lasted through the years I guess, but I had the DVD as a kid. I was always mesmerized by the leading lady, a femme fatale-type character named Francesca (even though looking back, the clay animation characters are kind of creepy). She is voiced by Gale Garnett, who has one of the most seductive, beautiful voices I have ever heard, as displayed in this song.

5. Theme Song from The Munsters

If you are not familiar, The Munsters was a television show that aired from 1964-1966. The premise is very similar to The Addams Family—a creepy, spooky family living in a normal neighborhood. I have always loved The Munsters much more—it was a big staple in my childhood. Even if you don’t know the theme, you most likely heard it when it was sampled in the song “Uma Thurman” by Fall Out Boy. It’s so catchy and has the surf-rock sound popular from that time. There have been different variations of the theme throughout the seasons of the show, but this one is probably my favorite television theme song of all time.

4. “Anything Can Happen on Halloween”— Tim Curry (from the movie The Worst Witch)

Tim Curry. The love of my life. The most underrated actor, ever. You know Tim Curry as the iconic Dr. Frank-N-Furter from (my favorite movie ever) The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Although completely brilliant in this groundbreaking role, he was type-casted the rest of his career because of it. Which explains his role as “The Grand Wizard” in the 1986 British made-for-TV movie The Worst Witch. Yes, it is as bad as it sounds. But Curry’s trippy, odd performance with awful special effects (remember, it was the 1980s…) is something you NEED to see to believe.

3. “Looking for the Magic”— The Dwight Tilley Band (from the movie You’re Next)

How did a seemingly obscure power pop jam from 1977 become a character of its own in a 2013 slasher flick? Well, I have no idea, but the person who had the idea to put this song in this movie needs an award! You’re Next is a pretty good horror film, but the thing that made it stand out to me was the way this song was used throughout the movie. It is the last song that would come to mind when you think of a horror film, it’s chill and relaxed. But it is used in brilliantly in numerous ways throughout the film, and morphs into a character of its own. Once you’ve seen You’re Next, it is guaranteed to send a chill down your spine (and get stuck in your head!)

2. “Goodbye, Eddie, Goodbye”— The Juicy Fruits (a made-up band from the movie Phantom of the Paradise)

I knew I HAD to add a song from this movie, but had absolutely no idea which song to pick. The entire soundtrack is gold, every track is different, but I figured I would go to the high-powered, 1950s greaser-inspired opening number of this rock musical. I don’t want to say too much about Phantom of the Paradise (there may be a whole article dedicated to it coming up very soon), but I will say that it is everything Rocky Horror is and (it pains me to say this about my favorite movie) MORE. Killer soundtrack, just the right amount of camp, and the best super villains of all time. A must-see Halloween movie that never got the cult-status it deserved.

1. “Science Fiction/Double Feature”— Richard O’Brien (from the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Although I love every single song from my favorite movie (and it is not obscure), how could I not add the iconic opening number, which features the bright red lips that everyone knows (even if you do not know the movie)? This song is not only beautiful, but genius because if you listen closely, it informs the audience on exactly what Rocky Horror pays homage to: the lyrics list and reference tons of 1950s science fiction B-movies (low-budget films), which the RHPS clearly parodies throughout the entire film. Many people never even realize that without these classic films, Rocky Horror would have never existed. It is what makes this a brilliant film. I have watched this movie countless times, whether it be at home or at a midnight showing at a theater. No matter what, this opening number always wows me, and gets me a little bit emotional. And always, ALWAYS in the mood for Halloween!

So there you have it, seven spooky songs to get you in the spirit of Halloween! Hopefully, you were introduced to some cool Halloween-related movies and shows you never heard of before, and enjoyed listening to some of my favorite spooky songs! Happy Halloween!

Bad Suns

Saloni Jaisingh | October 2017

Los Angeles natives, Bad Suns, have just embarked on another tour in support of their sophomore album, Disappear Here. The band’s rise to success dates back to the 2014 after they proceeded their support on The 1975’s Spring tour with the release of their debut album, Language & Perspective.


With clever lyrics and unique elements of guitar-pop, Bad Suns’ catchy tunes captured the hearts of many alternative music fans, and their singles, “Cardiac Arrest” and “Salt” took over airways. Two years later, they relieved patiently awaiting fans with the release of Disappear Here.

Staying true to their groovy Southern California sound, Disappear Here also carries a new edge of angst hearable in tunes such as "Maybe We're Meant to Be Alone" and "How Am I Not Myself". Themes of self identity, love, heartbreak, and desire are emulated in Disappear Here, symbolizing the band’s evolution from their first record.


For a high energy show and a night of dancing, catch Bad Suns when they stop at the famous Chicago venue, The Metro, on October 20th as part of their Love Like Revenge Fall Tour. Buy tickets here!

Vibe Playlist of the Week - 10/16/17

Meghan’s Pick

“Strangers on the Train” - Somos

Somos is an emo/pop punk band from Boston. I saw them a few years ago when they toured with Tigers Jaw and Lemuria, but it wasn’t until this past summer that I realized how much I love their music. After listening to their 2014 album, “Temple of Plenty,” on repeat for hours, I started kicking myself when I remembered that they went on hiatus at the very end of last year. This is why you shouldn’t sleep on a band, folks. Then, a few weeks later, as if they had read my mind, they posted a Facebook update: “New music in August.” Dreams really do come true. On August 22nd, they released this song. I’m so glad they’re back, even if they were only gone for eight months. Hopefully, they’ll announce a new album soon. Until then, who doesn’t love a good song about public transportation?

“Hi” – Hannah Diamond

This week, I was exposed to the weird world of PC Music, a record label that was started by British music producer A.G. Cook in 2013. PC Music, which has become a genre itself, is mostly known in a tiny corner of the Internet where many fans listen to it to be “ironic.” Its characteristics include high-pitched vocals, sugary lyrics, and a “Y2K” aesthetic that brings the days of the early web to mind. It is completely unlike anything I have ever listened to, but there is nothing ironic about the bizarre attachment I felt to it when I first heard this song by Hannah Diamond, one of the most popular artists on the label. This is my life now, everybody. Time to throw out my entire wardrobe and start dressing like a character from Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. It’s for the PC Music aesthetic.

Evan’s Picks

“Waiting On The Summer” – VHS Collection

“Waiting On The Summer” is a fresh song with a funky rhythm/beat. It was released on August 25th, 2016 by VHS Collection, an indie/rock band from New York City. The reason I picked this song this week is because the band recently followed the Instagram of the music festival I am creating, FLOOF. It was so cool that a band I have listened to for while actually followed the festival’s social media. I love this song because the beat makes you just want to move your hands to it. It’s also the perfect song for an audience to clap their hands to. I picture their concert, with the audience clapping in unison and it makes me smile so big.


“Indian Summer” – Jai Wolf

Jai Wolf, another New York native has truly came into the spotlight in 2017, with a major hit such as “Indian Summer.” Although the song was released on June 9th of 2015, Jai Wold really brought this song out while touring festivals throughout 2017. I love this song because it is the perfect song to start your day to. It brings out positive vibes and soothing melodies. I love when the beat ceases and then continues, in a matter of two seconds. I have seen this song several times at festivals and every time it feels like the first. I feel like this song can truly show the magnitude/amazement at a music festival when Jai Wolf plays it.

Emily’s pick

“Memories”-Leonard Cohen

“Paper Thin Walls”-Leonard Cohen

This week I chose two songs off of Leonard Cohen’s…interesting…album, Death of a Ladies’ Man. The reason I call it “interesting” is because it got less than favorable reviews back when it came out in 1977. It is very different from the typical, singer-songwriter style of the LEGEND that is Leonard Cohen. If you are not aware of Cohen, you definitely have heard his work (ever heard of a little song called “Hallelujah”?).

This album was also co-written and produced by Phil Spector, who is someone you need to know if you have not already heard of him. He was a producer of some of the most iconic songs of ‘60s and early ’70s (for example: “Be My Baby”, by the Ronettes). Unfortunately, he is also a convicted murderer, but you can look that up for yourself. Anyway, we just learned about Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound” (a special recording technique Spector invented) in my ProTools/Sound Recording class, which lead me to this album.

The fact this album was recorded using the “Wall of Sound” really set it apart from Cohen’s previous work, which is why a lot of people did not enjoy it. It was produced in the late ‘70s, when this type of sound was not as favorable anymore. But personally, I LOVE this album. If you are going to give any of these songs off of this album a listen, you have to listen to “Memories” and “Paper Thin Walls”.

Kaiya’s Picks

“Everyone Lies to Me” – Knuckle Puck

The Chicago suburbs pop punk band just released their new album Shapeshifter on October 13 and although the pre-released singles from the album are fantastic, the harder feel of this song really appealed to me. I also really like how politically charged this song is especially with the political climate we are currently in (if you don’t like politics, just sit back and enjoy because it has a great hook too). It is definitely the heaviest song off the album which really sets it apart. I can see this as a great moshing song on their next tour.

“Moving to Neptune” – CRUISR

This song is a bit older, released in July of 2015, but it is such a great song for walking to class or just wandering around the city. The Philadelphia based indie pop band just has that vibe that is equally as relaxing as it is energizing. I’d highly recommend this song for hanging out with friends or chilling on your own.

K.P.’s Picks

“Dream” – Bishop Briggs

3 days ago, Oct 12, the bass driven alternative musician released this single. Like all her other songs, this track is powered by her vocals. The song almost has a gospel feel to it. Listening to her music makes you want to put your hands to the sky and give in to the sound. Bishop Briggs is a British musician based in Los Angles. She is most known for her hit song “River” released in 2016. Though "Dream" hasn't been out long, it already racked up 88K views. This artist is on the rise. Don't sleep on this pale queen.


“Get Some” – Ghosted ft. Kamille

This song is a lot more electronic then I usually go for. It uses synths and harmonies to sing about what we all know, being horny as fuck. This a-romantic track establishes the difference between a relationship and a hookup. With blunt lyrics like, “I don’t need no candle light, you just need to fuck me right,” and a catchy synth line “Get Some” will be stuck in your head for days. The music video depicts the songs theme in a dramatic way. I won’t spoil the plot twist for you, but click the link and watch it for yourself.



Chae Wohn | October 2017

Popular electronic-pop DJ and producer RAC (for Remix Artist Collective), the current solo project of André Allen Anjos, has been on my radar ever since 2012 when he released various versions of famous indie hits. RAC’s version of “Something Good Can Work” by Two Door Cinema Club still remains one of my all-time favorite remixes, giving a more groovy, yet relaxed mood to the original. That seems to be his style: bright, and about as natural as electronica can get.

RAC released his first full-length album, “Strangers,” in 2014. Tracks like “Let Go” with Kele and MNDR and “Cheap Sunglasses” with Matthew Koma still remain some of RAC’s most popular songs to date, each surpassing 10 million plays on Spotify.

In 2015, RAC created the original soundtrack for Steam game Master Spy. The wholly instrumental album was a stark change from his usual style, gravitating more towards ambient, sci-fi inspired creations. “Ego,” RAC’s second full-length album released this past July, featured artists like K.Flay, Rivers Cuomo and Joywave. “Ego” is very much like Strangers, though maybe slightly more energized, more bold. All-in-all, RAC has experimented quite a bit with his style. He has years of experience working with indie classics, and his original songs have become classics of the genre themselves.


RAC’s talents have not gone unrewarded. RAC won a “Best Remix” Grammy award earlier in 2017 for his remix of “Tearing Me Up” by Bob Moses, adding a slightly bright, synth-dotted touch to an otherwise overall dark song. He was nominated for the same award the previous year for his edit of “Say My Name” by Odesza.

I look forward to listening to RAC’s set at Metro this Friday. His version of “Houdini” by my favorite band, Foster the People, is something I’ve wanted to hear live for quite a while. Whatever he chooses to play, I have a feeling I’m going to be dancing.

Gryffin show and Event

Evan Hazlett | October 2017

From releasing his first remix in 2014, to having several original hits with millions of streams, Gryffin has been taking the music industry by storm. His most famous hits include “Heading Home”, “Feel Good”, and “Whole Heart.” All of which are amazing songs that get the audience moving their feet and releasing their emotions. Gryffin’s most recently released “Nobody Compares to You” on October 6. Along with Gryffin’s powerful beats comes Katie Pearlman’s strong vocals. This fierce and passionate combination causes listeners to feel empowered while longing for a lost lover.

With a growing number of listeners, it’s no surprise Gryffin, along with support from Autograf and ayokay, have sold out several shows on their “Castle in the Sky 2017 Tour.” Gryffin’s Chicago show at the Bottom Lounge on Friday, October 13 is one of the shows that is sold out. However, if you have not managed to snag a ticket, there is another opportunity!

This show will be unlike many others because of an event happening at the same time but only a few blocks from the Bottom Lounge. Mike’s HARDER is hosting a new event named Doors by Harder as an official launch party of its newest campaign “What’s Out There Starts Here.” Gryffin will headline this event and perform an exclusive set. The location of this launch party is Moonlight Studios (1446 W Kinzie St, Chicago, IL 60641) from 8pm-1am. There will also be many different exciting activities including Luchador wrestling, an adult size ball pit, and a live art gallery with Amuse126. There will also be a VIP media sneak peek from 2-4pm at Moonlight Studios. Those 21+ can RSVP on Do312 HERE.


I am extremely excited to attend Gryffin’s performances and cannot wait to see what this tour has in store. From the times I have seen Gryffin at festivals, he never fails to put on quite a show. I have no doubt we all will be amazed.



Ally Schell | October 2017

ASAP Mob (also known as A$AP MOB) formed in 2006 with the collaboration of American hip-hop artists ASAP Ferg, ASAP Rocky, and Playboi Carti to name a few. The crew has a total of sixteen members as well as two former (ASAP Yams and ASAP Dom). ASAP Yams began the group with three of his friends: ASAP Bari, ASAP Kham and ASAP Illz. He eventually convinced other New York rappers, including ASAP Rocky, to join him and his crew.

Lords Never Worry was ASAP Mob’s first release. With Rocky on his tour, he decided it would be best to tour with his rapper family—ASAP Mob. On the topic of staying jiggy and flawless, they released Cozy Tapes Vol. 1: Friends and hit the US charts at number thirteen. Unfortunately, member ASAP Yams was not able to see the completion of this tape due to his death in 2015.

However, the group continued with their music and has recently created Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy. Now, they are on tour and I can’t wait to see what they have in store.

“Perry Aye”, one of their songs on Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy, features Jaden Smith as the opener with a deep voice overlaying his real voice that gives a new tone to the song. He begins with stating that he is “sippin’ sake and going to parties with the crew”. Then, it features the infamous ASAP Rocky, talking all about Paris and what he likes to do there, including french kissing and french fries. It now repeats Jaden’s verse to add to the French vibe of the song and proceeds with Playboi Carti and ASAP Nast.

All in all, this crew never ceases to amaze me with their songs and lyrics about their lives as boys from New York. They hit UIC Pavilion on October 11th, which I will be attending, and I’m super excited to see all of them together on one stage where their swagger all comes together as one. Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy may be out now, but I have no doubt that ASAP Worldwide is going to create so much more in the feature, and will keep creating the beats that everyone enjoys.


Vibe Playlist of the week - 10/9/17

Evan’s Picks

“Gronlandic Edit” – Of Montreal

This song is what I like to call an Indie Bop. It is very vibey and truly makes everyone move along with the beat. It was released by Of Montreal in their album “Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer” on January 23rd, 2007. Over ten years later this band from Athens, Georgia is still making kids groove. I love the play pitches and sound in the vocals of this song. It’s fun and makes you want to sing along.

“Heading Home” -  Gryffn, Josef Salvat

Heading Home has now been one of my favorite song for over a year. I first heard it in an Electric Forest festival and that is when I knew I had to attend that event. It was such an amazing experience and this song never fails to remind me of those memorable nights and the people I shared them with. It is recorded by Gryfnn (Native of New York City ) and Josef Salvat (Native of London ) and released on January 22nd, 2016.

Meghan’s Picks

“This World Breaks Your Heart and Makes You Grey” - Ogikubo Station

Ogikubo Station is an acoustic duo that consists of the legendary Mike Park, founder of Asian Man Records/former member of the 90s ska punk band Skankin’ Pickle, and the incredible Maura Weaver, member of the pop punk band Mixtapes. The two members, who live on opposite sides of the country (California and Louisiana), came together to do a series of shows with AJJ last month. I had the privilege of seeing them on the Chicago date of the tour. I had previously been unaware of their existence, but they were the best, most entertaining opening act I have seen in a long time. Since then, I have been addicted to this song. It is from their self-titled debut EP, which was released in March of this year. Check it out if you want to hear political acoustic jams with beautiful harmonies.

“Wendy’s Trash Can”- Rozwell Kid

Rozwell Kid is a 90s-influenced power pop band from West Virginia. I have been a fan of theirs for a while, so I was beyond excited when they released their album, “Precious Art,” this past June. This song, “Wendy’s Trash Can,” is from that album, and I can’t get enough of it. Aside from making music that will shred your face off, the band is known for their creative use of social media— they released a version of the music video that loops for ten hours, so you can dedicate an entire day to enjoying this sick tune. Rozwell Kid seriously rules; do not sleep on them.


Emily’s Pick

“Candy May” -Alex Cameron

“True Lies” -Alex Cameron

Both of the songs I picked are my favorite tracks from Alex Cameron’s new album “Forced Witness.” I recently discovered him, and have been listening to this album NON-STOP. The thing about Alex is that he does character-driven concept albums. In this album, he plays a sleazy, macho male-type character (I HIGHLY recommend reading Pitchfork’s review for a better understanding of this album).

On “Forced Witness,” he has collaborated with Jonathan Rado (of Foxygen), Brandon Flowers (of The Killers), and Angel Olsen, so you already know this album is amazing without even having to listen. Musically, it is so catchy and is already (in my humble opinion) one of the best albums the year. He reminds me of a sleazy, indie-approved Bruce Springsteen (if that makes any sense at all???). Hopefully my vague descriptions lured you into listening to this masterpiece! GO LISTEN, NOW!


K.P.’s Picks

“Painful to Watch” – Fours

This song is everything done right about indie pop. It’s got a fast beat made for dancing and lyrics intended to be screamed. The song tells of an awful relationship with no end in sight. It takes an empowering stance with lines like, “I need to be without you to feel alive… and I was made before I meant you.” This British band released the song as a single in 2016. This track heavily rides on Edith Violet’s amazing vocals. If you can find someone who can listen to this jam without dancing, they are not human!

“Nothing’s Real” – Shura

Looking for a song to take you back in time? This is the one. “Nothing’s Real” is the title track off Shura’s debut album released July 8, 2016. The track is 80s inspired, with heavy synths and a bubbly beat. The song juxtaposes a happy feeling with pessimistic lyrics. For a more detailed analysis of the meaning check out Pitchfork’s review. Shura is an English singer most known for the songs “What’s it Gonna Be?,” and “Touch.” I highly recommend this whole album to all fans of Tegan and Sarah or Betty Who.


MadeinTYO - Touring Everywhere

Manuel Velasco | September 2017

Tonight, Atlanta's very own MadeinTYO is touching down in Chicago on tour for his new project True World. Mr. Tokyo is best known for his platinum “Uber Everywhere” track and his recent GOLD track named “Skateboard P”. 

This is his second stop on his 1 ½ month tour across the country. His last time here in Chicago, he killed it at the Bottom Lounge stage on the south side.  

Accompanying him on this tour is label mate K Swhisa & brother 24hrs who also released a new project earlier this year. MadeinTYO and 24hrs both finsihed high school in Japan and moved to Atlanta to work on music. Now, they are in Chicago together to gather all the hypebeasts to rock the mic!

Don't miss them tonight at Concord Music Hall! Buy tickets here.

Photo via XXL.

Photo via XXL.

Dua Lipa Announces Self-Titled North American Tour

Evan Hazlett | September 2017

Releasing her self-titled debut album in early June, along with a 17-track deluxe album, Dua Lipa has shown this is only the beginning of her musical career. With strong vocals and funky drum beats, this album truly showcases her passion for music. I found it hard to stand still while listening to the album. Every song, from the upbeat “Hotter Than Hell,” to the ballad “Homesick” comes with a sense of drive and power.


A few songs on the album showcase the artist’s devotion to her faith. “Genesis” and “Garden” both contain biblical references. I think adding these spiritual touches really showcase that this album is an expression of herself. That’s one thing listeners will always appreciate, whether they are religious or not.

Dua Lipa spent this past summer playing festivals and leaving fans anticipating a tour announcement. Now, near the end of festival season, the waiting is over. On September 12th, Dua Lipa announced her self-titled North American Tour. Dates start in late November and end late February. This time frame appears long but she is taking a two-month break starting in December. Moreover, her “Hotter Than Hell” European tour in October may have effected these dates.

Dua Lipa has been known to surprise fans. Whether it be joining Bruno Mars or Coldplay on tour, Dua Lipa keeps us on our toes. Fans can expect much of this on her self-titled tour. I have no doubts she will bring her powerful attitude to the stage, in both the production and performance. When I spoke to fans who have seen Dua Lipa in concert, they all said similar things. One fan had very passionate words for Dua and told me, “She makes the stage her own, and shows you that being confident and having fun is really what her concerts are about.”

 I look forward to seeing her embracing, confident and electric album come alive. Tickets and a full list of dates can be found HERE. If you’re in the Chicago area be sure to check her out at the House of Blues on November 26th , it’s going to be quite a show!


FRANK IERO & 'THE PATIENTS' - Keep The Music Coming

Alicia Maciel | Monday, September 11, 2017

On September 22, FRANK IERO and the PATIENCE are releasing an EP entitled "Keep The Coffins Coming" through BMG/Vagrant Records. 

Keep The Coffins Coming EP artwork

Keep The Coffins Coming EP artwork

Bridging a gap between Stomachaches and Parachutes, the 4 soon-to-be-heard tracks were recorded with none other than Steve Albini - legend that's worked with Nirvana, Pixies, and even PJ Harvey!

Frank fulfilled his 11 year old self's dream of recording with Steve. He drove up to Chicago for the 3 free days in Steve's hectic schedule and recorded in a huge firehouse with none other than some of his close friends. With both Frank and Evan Nestor playing guitar and vocals while Matt Olsson keeps their rhythm intact, "Keep The Coffins Coming" will keep fans on their toes.

Playing Riot Fest last year, touring nonstop, and heading on even more tours with bands such as Descendents, Thursday, & PUP - you can find tickets here for the dates below. 

FRANK IERO and the PATIENCE Tour Dates:
11/17 – Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues *
11/18 – Grand Rapids, MI @ 20 Monroe Live *
12/01 – Baltimore, MD @ Rams Head Live! *
12/28 – Huntington, NY @ The Paramount **
12/29 – Worcester, MA @ The Palladium **
12/30 – Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom **

* w/ Descendents
** w/ Thursday & PUP

Remo Drive From The Rearview Mirror

 Alicia Maciel | August 30, 2017

Hailing from Minnesota as an independent alternative rock band, Remo Drive  is impressing emo-rival enthusiasts with their self-debut “Greatest Hits” and they’re not losing momentum any time soon.

Remo Drive opening Hippo Campus' Lollapalooza Aftershow Wednesday, August 2, 2017.  

Remo Drive opening Hippo Campus' Lollapalooza Aftershow Wednesday, August 2, 2017.  


“Greatest Hits”  deters from their raw, emo-punk inspired “Demos 2014” and pushes them toward the broad category of alternative rock. In doing so, Remo Drive’s style is appealing to practically any listener as subtle moments of post-punk and emotional music bring high, aggressive energy to the tracks - grasping attention easily. 


From hardly being known at the beginning of this year to their vinyl pre orders selling out and gaining a cult following, who knows what to have other than high expectations for Remo Drive.


This is a preview piece.  Find the whole article here.

Remo Drive headlining Subterranean Tuesday, August 22, 2017.  

Remo Drive headlining Subterranean Tuesday, August 22, 2017.