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Vibe Playlist of the Week - 10/16/17

Meghan’s Pick

“Strangers on the Train” - Somos

Somos is an emo/pop punk band from Boston. I saw them a few years ago when they toured with Tigers Jaw and Lemuria, but it wasn’t until this past summer that I realized how much I love their music. After listening to their 2014 album, “Temple of Plenty,” on repeat for hours, I started kicking myself when I remembered that they went on hiatus at the very end of last year. This is why you shouldn’t sleep on a band, folks. Then, a few weeks later, as if they had read my mind, they posted a Facebook update: “New music in August.” Dreams really do come true. On August 22nd, they released this song. I’m so glad they’re back, even if they were only gone for eight months. Hopefully, they’ll announce a new album soon. Until then, who doesn’t love a good song about public transportation?

“Hi” – Hannah Diamond

This week, I was exposed to the weird world of PC Music, a record label that was started by British music producer A.G. Cook in 2013. PC Music, which has become a genre itself, is mostly known in a tiny corner of the Internet where many fans listen to it to be “ironic.” Its characteristics include high-pitched vocals, sugary lyrics, and a “Y2K” aesthetic that brings the days of the early web to mind. It is completely unlike anything I have ever listened to, but there is nothing ironic about the bizarre attachment I felt to it when I first heard this song by Hannah Diamond, one of the most popular artists on the label. This is my life now, everybody. Time to throw out my entire wardrobe and start dressing like a character from Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. It’s for the PC Music aesthetic.

Evan’s Picks

“Waiting On The Summer” – VHS Collection

“Waiting On The Summer” is a fresh song with a funky rhythm/beat. It was released on August 25th, 2016 by VHS Collection, an indie/rock band from New York City. The reason I picked this song this week is because the band recently followed the Instagram of the music festival I am creating, FLOOF. It was so cool that a band I have listened to for while actually followed the festival’s social media. I love this song because the beat makes you just want to move your hands to it. It’s also the perfect song for an audience to clap their hands to. I picture their concert, with the audience clapping in unison and it makes me smile so big.


“Indian Summer” – Jai Wolf

Jai Wolf, another New York native has truly came into the spotlight in 2017, with a major hit such as “Indian Summer.” Although the song was released on June 9th of 2015, Jai Wold really brought this song out while touring festivals throughout 2017. I love this song because it is the perfect song to start your day to. It brings out positive vibes and soothing melodies. I love when the beat ceases and then continues, in a matter of two seconds. I have seen this song several times at festivals and every time it feels like the first. I feel like this song can truly show the magnitude/amazement at a music festival when Jai Wolf plays it.

Emily’s pick

“Memories”-Leonard Cohen

“Paper Thin Walls”-Leonard Cohen

This week I chose two songs off of Leonard Cohen’s…interesting…album, Death of a Ladies’ Man. The reason I call it “interesting” is because it got less than favorable reviews back when it came out in 1977. It is very different from the typical, singer-songwriter style of the LEGEND that is Leonard Cohen. If you are not aware of Cohen, you definitely have heard his work (ever heard of a little song called “Hallelujah”?).

This album was also co-written and produced by Phil Spector, who is someone you need to know if you have not already heard of him. He was a producer of some of the most iconic songs of ‘60s and early ’70s (for example: “Be My Baby”, by the Ronettes). Unfortunately, he is also a convicted murderer, but you can look that up for yourself. Anyway, we just learned about Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound” (a special recording technique Spector invented) in my ProTools/Sound Recording class, which lead me to this album.

The fact this album was recorded using the “Wall of Sound” really set it apart from Cohen’s previous work, which is why a lot of people did not enjoy it. It was produced in the late ‘70s, when this type of sound was not as favorable anymore. But personally, I LOVE this album. If you are going to give any of these songs off of this album a listen, you have to listen to “Memories” and “Paper Thin Walls”.

Kaiya’s Picks

“Everyone Lies to Me” – Knuckle Puck

The Chicago suburbs pop punk band just released their new album Shapeshifter on October 13 and although the pre-released singles from the album are fantastic, the harder feel of this song really appealed to me. I also really like how politically charged this song is especially with the political climate we are currently in (if you don’t like politics, just sit back and enjoy because it has a great hook too). It is definitely the heaviest song off the album which really sets it apart. I can see this as a great moshing song on their next tour.

“Moving to Neptune” – CRUISR

This song is a bit older, released in July of 2015, but it is such a great song for walking to class or just wandering around the city. The Philadelphia based indie pop band just has that vibe that is equally as relaxing as it is energizing. I’d highly recommend this song for hanging out with friends or chilling on your own.

K.P.’s Picks

“Dream” – Bishop Briggs

3 days ago, Oct 12, the bass driven alternative musician released this single. Like all her other songs, this track is powered by her vocals. The song almost has a gospel feel to it. Listening to her music makes you want to put your hands to the sky and give in to the sound. Bishop Briggs is a British musician based in Los Angles. She is most known for her hit song “River” released in 2016. Though "Dream" hasn't been out long, it already racked up 88K views. This artist is on the rise. Don't sleep on this pale queen.


“Get Some” – Ghosted ft. Kamille

This song is a lot more electronic then I usually go for. It uses synths and harmonies to sing about what we all know, being horny as fuck. This a-romantic track establishes the difference between a relationship and a hookup. With blunt lyrics like, “I don’t need no candle light, you just need to fuck me right,” and a catchy synth line “Get Some” will be stuck in your head for days. The music video depicts the songs theme in a dramatic way. I won’t spoil the plot twist for you, but click the link and watch it for yourself.


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