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The Front Bottoms Preview

K.P. Peters | October 2017

Everyone has a throwback memory of the song “Twin sized Mattress” by The Front Bottoms. It’s no wonder that this band has kept making music. On October 26, the band will be performing a sold-out show at the Metro. This show is apart of their “Going Grey” tour.

“Going Grey” keeps all the wonderful things the band has become known for. With enchanting lyrics and whimsical guitar, this album should be stuck on repeat. The band maintains their sad lyrics contradicted by fun dancing tunes. A perfect example of this is the opening track, “You used to say (Holy Fuck).”  If holding on to 2010s nostalgia is your thing, this album is for you. This timeless band will bring back lots of feelings and memories.

The opening acts for this tour include Basement, an English rock band from Lpswich. This band took a hiatus in 2012, but came back kicking to 2014. Their last album “Promise Everthing” includes hits like “Aquasun.” Their devoted fans have found them similar to a vintage Jimmy Eat World.


The Front Bottoms is performing with the underrated Bad Bad Hats. Bad Bad Hats is most known for the quirky tune “It hurts.” They bring loving lyrics, indie vibes, and a kazoo together to make a perfect love song. That’s right, Kazoo.

This Minnesota band breaks conventional music rules. They combine characteristics of different genres to make their unique sound. If you’re in the mood for mellow rock, you can’t go wrong with them. If you are a fan of Hippo Campus or similar bands you will love Bad Bad Hats

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