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Vibe Playlist of The Week - 10/23/17

Evan’s pick

“MILK” – The 1975

“Milk” happens to be my favorite song by The 1975. The alternative/indie pop band from Manchester has quickly become very popular and is currently working on their third album. The song “Milk” is one of The 1975’s song from their first album. It is more alternative than their second indie pop album “I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It.” I picked this song because of the way it lets listeners express their emotions. The guitar in this song rips through the song like wildfire. I love when this song comes on after a long moment of silence in their song “You.” It always is the most pleasant surprise.

“Silence” -  Marshmello (Illenium Remix)

This electronic song by Marshmello has recently been remixed by Illenium (native of San Francisco.) I love the way this remix adds depth and slower feelings to the track. I feel as if the emotion of this song is amplified by Illenium and in my opinion the bass drop is way better. I first heard this song in a video of Illenium’s set at Lost Lands Music Festival. I had been searching for this song, and when it was finally released on Spotify it instantly became a daily listen. I would expect nothing less than this amazing track because it features three of my favorite performers.

Meghan’s Pick

“Straight Edge” - Minor Threat

When Ian MacKaye of the DC hardcore band Minor Threat (and later, Fugazi) wrote the song “Straight Edge” in 1981, he had no idea it would start an entire movement. The lyrics, which condemn the use of substances, inspired a philosophy that takes the name of the song—straight edge—and has three principles: don’t drink, don’t smoke, and don’t do drugs.  Straight edge folks have been a staple of the hardcore community since then, and I am one of them. National Edge Day was this past week on 10/17, and you better believe I celebrated it with the 46-second song that started it all. If you’ve never listened to it, check it out to hear an important piece of punk history.


 “In the Middle of it All” - Citizen

I walked into class on Wednesday night and Alicia, the wonderful manager of the Chicago Vibe who sits in front of me in that class, asked me if I wanted to see Citizen and Sorority Noise.

“Sure, when?”

“Tonight, after class.”
I am not the type of person to make spontaneous decisions, but I went, and I am eternally glad that I did. I was, dare I say, shook. Citizen is an emo/indie band from Michigan, and I have been a fan of theirs for a long time. Three out of five members, including frontman Mat Kerekes, follow a straight edge lifestyle, so the show was a nice day-after-Edge-Day celebration for me. Their album, As You Please, came out earlier this month on the 6th and includes this song— “In the Middle of it All.” It’s truly mesmerizing, and in my opinion, it’s one of the best songs off the new album.

K.P.’s Picks

“Alaska” – Maggie Rogers

This song is its own unique listening experience. Singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers delivers an epic tale of finding one’s self. The intro has a bubbly synth pattern that fades into the artists vocals. She sets the scene for growth and personal development. The high pitch chorus delivers serine happiness to the listener. Whenever I do my morning yoga I play Maggie Rogers. Her music has this amazing ability to bring a wave of calmness. If you like Oh Wonder, you’ll love this song.

“Seashore” – The Regrettes

This song is a feminist punk anthem. The music video and lyrics take on a political stance saying women are more than you give us credit for. The theme of the song is to not talk to lead singer, Lydia Night (or any girl for that matter), like a child. This anger driven track gives me a confidence boost every time I listen. This is the punk band everyone needs to listen to, starting with "Seashore" then working through the rest of their album "Feel Your Feelings Fool!" They are touring now, and will be in Chicago November 30 at House of Blues.

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