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Vibe Playlist 10/30

Meghan’s Pick


“No Poetic Device” - AFI

There’s nothing like some horror punk to get into the Halloween spirit, so I spent this week listening to AFI’s 1999 album Black Sails in the Sunset. It’s always my go-to around this time of year. I first discovered this album my freshman year of high school when I thought I was edgy, but unlike many of the things I listened to at that time, it still holds up. Black Sails was released four years before the band went mainstream with the album Sing the Sorrow. Newer AFI fans might be surprised at how different it sounds from their alternative rock sound of today. It blends “fast and angry” with “dark and dramatic” to create a sound that is perfect for Halloween. My favorite song from the album is “No Poetic Device.” With lines like “I die in my daydreams,” you’ll feel edgy if you listen to it, too.

“Having a Blast” – Green day

If you know me, you know that Green Day is the reason I started liking music in the first place. I got their CD for my twelfth birthday, and the rest is history. Although I’ve spent my recent years expanding my horizons to more than just 90s punk, this is the stuff I always come back to. Green Day and AFI are both from northern California and spent their early years playing at spaces such as the iconic 924 Gilman Street. The members of Green Day were in their early 20s when they broke into the mainstream with the 1994 album Dookie, which I listened to on my way to and from class every day this week. Green Day have over 150 songs across twelve studio albums, so it’s very difficult to pick a favorite, but if I had to choose, “Having a Blast” would definitely be in my top three. The lyrics describe a suicide bomber who is ready to destroy everything in sight to avenge his own pain. It’s perfect to listen to when you want to get your anger out. 



K.P.’s Pick


 Marceline – Vista Kicks

 I found this song on my discover weekly and I have to say Spotify has got me. This song brings rocking guitar and smooth vocals. The chorus hits and you have to dance. The reverb on the bridge makes anyone want to sing along. Then it fades into a killer guitar solo with the best ending to any song. Drum and guitar hits lead you to a conclusion, and just when you think it’s over they add one more. The rock song sings to tell Marceline they ain’t her man. The not-so-love song comes with the perfect album cover art. “Chasing Waves,” Vista Kicks first album, features a cartoon car running from a wave. In the wave is a host of comical references and items.



“Cross My Mind” – A R I Z O N A

A R I Z O N A  (spaces between each letter) is a rock/ electropop band from New Jersey. In 2016 they released this great song. Though they are a mix of t wo very different genres they do it will. For the electropop feel they use drum machines, synths, and smooth vocals. The rock elements comes out most in the suspension before and during the chorus. This song will make anyone reminiscent of lost loves. The lyrics are smooth and relatable.

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