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"Ghosts" By Vesper

K.P. Peters | November 2017

Right here. Right now. We are releasing the first music video from Vesper. Vesper is composed of Samantha Humphreys and Zak fox. This sad pop band is known for their beats and honest lyrics that light up the dance floor.

For their first music video, the band picked the track “Ghosts.” This song was written after the two had lived a part for a little while. Sam had moved from Chicago with the intention of not coming back. When she returned she felt very haunted by her past self. Their first studio session back together tapped into this feeling.

Zak didn’t like the song at first. He wrote the beat with Sam and tried to scrap the idea many times, but She was attached to the sound. Now it’s one of his favorite Vesper songs.

The video itself include bold colors and lots of dancing. The video perfectly captures Zak’s cinematic and metaphoric vision. But, I don’t need to tell you about it. Watch “Ghosts” by Vesper below and catch them at the House Of Blues Jan. 4.

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