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Have Mercy Preview

Kelley Sloot | November 2017

Formed in 2011 in Baltimore by Brian Swindle, Have Mercy has become a staple in the punk rock scene. Swindles' coarse voice is paired with guitarists Nate Gleason and Ryan Harris, bassist Britain Weyant, and drummer Luke Smartnick. They released their first full length album, The Earth Pushed Back, in 2013; and the raw, honest lyrics accompanied by the strong instrumentals drew in the attention of emo and punk fans everywhere.

Since their first album debut, Have Mercy has released two more full length records that have successfully tied together any of their loose ends to create a sound that is much more intense and satisfying. In their most recent album, Make The Best Of It, long-time fans can easily notice the way Swindle’s voice has matured into a more controlled, though just as strong, version of his previous self.


Although they’ve all grown up both as people and as a band, there is no doubt that fans relate to Have Mercy now just as much as they did in 2013. With lyrics about love, loss, and everything in between, it’s no wonder their shows are always filled with passionate fans shouting the words along with them.

Performing a sold out show at Subterranean November 4, Have Mercy’s a band you gotta check out while they’re on tour!