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Vibe Playlist 11/6

Meghan’s Picks

“I Know” – Aly & AJ

I’ll be honest: I know very little about pop music. But when I heard that the former Disney stars Aly & AJ had returned from their ten-year hiatus to release the song “Take Me,” I got so excited that I wrote an article about it. They were my childhood heroes, and now they’re back with an EP titled Ten Years that will be available on November 17th. The second single from the EP, “I Know,” was released on Friday and is an absolute jam. Not just for nostalgic purposes, either – if I heard the song and didn’t know it was Aly & AJ, I would still listen to it on repeat. I have very high hopes for the rest of the EP, and I will gladly put my “punk cred” on the line to see them in concert if/when they play in Chicago. These two deserve all the success in the world.


 “Burden You” – Pity Sex

Pity Sex is a shoegaze band from Ann Arbor, Michigan. They were one of my favorite bands until they announced their hiatus in October of last year—I’m still super bummed about it. I was listening to them a lot this week and thinking about how much I miss them. Their second album, White Hot Moon, was released in April of last year and contains this song, “Burden You.” The song alternates between male and female vocals and has the wonderful fuzzy guitar tones that the band is known for, plus lyrics that will hit you in the feels. The line “I’ll never say I loved you because you know I still do” gives me chest pains every time. Listen if you want to cry blood.



Evan’s Picks

“Sensations” –  Elohim (Whethan Remix)

This one is a high energy single released by Elohim (a Los Angeles native) and remixed by Whethan, a DJ from our own town of Chicago. The electronic song was released on May 17th, 2016 and quickly began to steal fans hearts and make its way up the charts. I have picked this song this week because just last week, many of my friends saw Whethan in my hometown of Detroit. They said his show was dope and sent me videos of this one cause its my favorite. The thing I like about it is right before the beat drops, the vocalist cuts out and you’re able to feel the words translated into sounds of a foreign language. It’s just awesome to me. Think of your loved one and feel this song out with them. It’s the best.


“Rewind” – Wingtip

This indie/electronic/pop hit comes from one DJ I believe we will be hearing great things about in the years to come. That DJ is Wingtip, from the west coast city of San Francisco. I had the chance to meet Wingtip this past year at Lollapalooza and he actually gave me and my friends Taco Bell gift cards. (Pretty rad I know) He exemplifies character and love for his fans that every performer should have. His hit “Rewind” uses beautiful vocals that transcend into a flowing bea that carries you throughout the song. I have picked this song because I will be seeing Wingtip this weekend and hopefully again in Chicago the week following. I can’t wait to jam out to the funky disco beats and hear all of his passionate tracks once again.



K.P’s Picks

“Told You I’d Be with the Guys” – Cherry Glazerr

Cherry Glazerr is another hard rocking feminist punk band. They are known for heavy guitar riffs and lyrics with attitude. This song is the opening track of their 2017 album “Apocalipstick.” The intro guitar riff will stay stuck in your head for days, and the melody will make you sway. This LA based alternative rock band is making a name for themselves. I strongly recommend their unapologetic sound.

“Hey Ya!” – Outkast

I think more people should listen to this song all the time. This is just a reminder to go back and listen to it again.


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