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Been Stellar - "Midwestern Holiday"

Alicia Maciel | December 2017

Break-ups aren't the easiest things to deal with. From heartache to intense moments of introspection, Been Stellar's "Midwestern Holiday" encompasses one's scattered state of mind through it all.

Indie rockers Been Stellar relocated from Michigan to NYC for their college years. With major influences including The Strokes, Spoon, and Interpol - Skyler Knapp (guitar), Miles Caminier (drums), Dominic Gould (bass), and Sam Slocum (vox, synth) dropped their new single "Midwestern Holiday" December 1st.

Available on all streaming services now, the adjective-packed 4 minute track infuses elements of an emotional sing-along that can get stuck in your head for days. 

Artwork by Anna McGuffie

Artwork by Anna McGuffie

While part of the lyricism describes tactics any ex-partner does, light guitar drives this sulky, call-for-attention track. The warm hearted bits reminiscing on memories transitioning to misery throughout each stanza stuck out to me. 

The repeated phrases, build up, and release can resonate with anyone's emotions when it comes to breakups. Keep an eye out for Been Stellar!