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Welcome to WTF

Emily Cosgrove | April 2017

WELCOME, everyone, to my new column—WTF: Urban Legends, Conspiracy Theories, and Unsolved Mysteries in the Music Industry (but I’ll just make it easy and refer to this column as WTF from here on out).

I am so so SO excited to be starting this column. When we were at a Vibe meeting proposing different content for biweekly columns, I immediately knew I wanted to do something related to the spooky and strange. I love urban legends, the paranormal, and anything creepy in general. But this is a music publication!!! How could the creepy and macabre possibly connect with a music blog?!

Well, don’t worry, because I have ENDLESS creativity! So naturally, I came up with writing a column all about the weird, wacky, and WTF in the music industry. Everyone knows those stories, whether it be the “secret messages” that are on Abbey Road when you play it backwards or the fact that some people believe Elvis is still alive and in hiding. There are tons of rumors and legends like these, and there is a ton of weirdness and mystery surrounding music.

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This is just a little introductory post, but biweekly from here on out I will be featuring a different weird ass story from the music world that will make you say WTF. I have a whole list of subjects I am so excited about! Some you may already know, some will be brand new, but no matter what, you will be amazed.

I promise. Well, maybe not AMAZED, but you will definitely be entertained.

Until then, I’ll see ya next time!!!

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