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Dua Lipa Announces Self-Titled North American Tour

Evan Hazlett | September 2017

Releasing her self-titled debut album in early June, along with a 17-track deluxe album, Dua Lipa has shown this is only the beginning of her musical career. With strong vocals and funky drum beats, this album truly showcases her passion for music. I found it hard to stand still while listening to the album. Every song, from the upbeat “Hotter Than Hell,” to the ballad “Homesick” comes with a sense of drive and power.


A few songs on the album showcase the artist’s devotion to her faith. “Genesis” and “Garden” both contain biblical references. I think adding these spiritual touches really showcase that this album is an expression of herself. That’s one thing listeners will always appreciate, whether they are religious or not.

Dua Lipa spent this past summer playing festivals and leaving fans anticipating a tour announcement. Now, near the end of festival season, the waiting is over. On September 12th, Dua Lipa announced her self-titled North American Tour. Dates start in late November and end late February. This time frame appears long but she is taking a two-month break starting in December. Moreover, her “Hotter Than Hell” European tour in October may have effected these dates.

Dua Lipa has been known to surprise fans. Whether it be joining Bruno Mars or Coldplay on tour, Dua Lipa keeps us on our toes. Fans can expect much of this on her self-titled tour. I have no doubts she will bring her powerful attitude to the stage, in both the production and performance. When I spoke to fans who have seen Dua Lipa in concert, they all said similar things. One fan had very passionate words for Dua and told me, “She makes the stage her own, and shows you that being confident and having fun is really what her concerts are about.”

 I look forward to seeing her embracing, confident and electric album come alive. Tickets and a full list of dates can be found HERE. If you’re in the Chicago area be sure to check her out at the House of Blues on November 26th , it’s going to be quite a show!