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FIDLAR Review 9/8 @ The Vic

By Kelley Sloot

I was supposed to see FIDLAR at Riot Fest last year, but my plans fell through and I ended up not being able to go. So, when I found out that they were going on tour, their show immediately became one of my most anticipated shows of 2018. I’ve been to plenty of rowdy shows, but I can honestly say this was probably one of, if not the most, insane concerts I’ve been to.

After shooting photos for the first three songs, I moved out of the photo pit and towards the back of the crowd. It only took about five minutes before I asked one of the other photographers to hold my stuff for me so I could go into the mosh pit. I stayed in the pit for about two songs before crowd surfing (my first ever!!!) up and out. I spent the remainder of the show jamming out and playing air guitar with random groups of people.

FIDLAR brought an incredible and contagious amount of energy to the show that lasted the entire night. Along with the band themselves, the fans brought that same amount of energy to the floor as they belted out lyrics while headbanging and jumping around. The band played all of their most popular songs, such as 40 oz. On Repeat and Awkward, along with some lesser known songs. At the end of the show, Zac Karper got off the stage and went into the crowd to mosh with them and everyone went wild.

Throughout the night, multiple members of the band called out people in the crowd for being too aggressive. In one instance, Elvis Kuehn stopped playing to tell an audience member to stop choking someone near him. In another instance, Zac Karper told the audience that if they ever feel unsafe at a FIDLAR show, they have the wrath of the band to support them. Karper even encouraged the audience to form a girls-only mosh pit that definitely allowed more of the females to enter a pit that they otherwise would be too nervous about. Although FIDLAR is a punk rock band that seems to have a lot of pent up anger behind their music, the band actively made moves to make the concert a safe space for every person in the audience.

 Not seeing FIDLAR at Riot Fest last year was obviously a let-down but having to wait a year until this show just made it that much more enjoyable. There are not many times that stick out in my head where a band has genuinely impressed me with their live performance as well as their on-stage personalities but FIDLAR did just that. The guys seem to really enjoy playing their music and they show so much appreciation for their fans. There’s no way I’ll ever pass up an opportunity to see these guys again.

Kelley Sloot