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Porches – from The Houses to the shows

Following Porches' The Houses release on January 19, 2018 - Aaron Maine hits the road to showcase their latest work. 

Alicia Maciel | February 2018

Partaking in a special 'In the Round' performance at Chicago's Thalia Hall Wednesday, February 22 - indie synth act Porches will be performing in the center of the venue's main floor, providing fans an intimate 360 degree experience. NY-based songwriter Aaron Maine began Porches in 2010 and soon followed the release of 3 EPs, 2 full-length albums, and constant incorporation of new wave styles into his electronica tracks.

Often described as pop/rock synth music, Porches released their 3rd album The Houses January 2018. Taking a step back from reality's hectic pace, Maine talks about introspection and identity throughout the entire album. With songs describing the analysis and understanding of anxiety, the complexity of relationships, reminiscing, and moments of isolation - the key to learning more about oneself is to comprehend what's occurring in their life. 


Highlighting imperfections and inviting musical contributors ranging from Sandy (Alex G), Dev Hynes (Blood Orange), Maya Laner (True Blue, Porches), and even his own father - Porches emphasized how rawness and affection influences the development of personhood.

"Find Me" and "Goodbye" are standout tracks on The Houses that bring liveliness and emotional intensity to the listener. With resonating lyrics found on almost every track, "Now The Water" includes a line states "I'd give it all to you to become one with myself", showing the burning desire to be fully accepting of one's self.

Traveling coast to coast and touring Europe in April, you can find upcoming dates to see Porches near you below.