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The Prettybads - Houston's poppy punk trio makes debut

Alicia Maciel | June 2018

The rock scene's surging with tons of bands from down south. Houston band The Prettybads is releasing their debut full-length Meet The Prettybads June 15th through Indie Vision Music. Strutting their talents through what can be described as poppy "soft-core" punk, the trio combines their experiences, personal beliefs, and imagination into lighthearted tracks for everyone to hear.


Sticking true to punk rock roots, their self-recorded 20 track album shows what experiences and styles they've embraced together. Founding members and co-writers Jordan Prettybad and Kayla Prettybad have been composing side by side since 2007. In December 2016, Ben Bravo joined the band - transforming The Prettybads to the trio they are today. 

With songs running quick, infusing doo-wop with pop, melodrama, retro and plenty more - you'll dig their sound if you're a fan of acts Ramones, Ex-Girlfriends, The Interrupters, and Groovie Ghoulies. They're coming to Champagne-Urbana, Illinois and performing at AudioFeed Festival July 5!

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Written by Alicia Maciel (IG, Twitter: @eraseher_).