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Guerilla Toss releases new single "Green Apple"

Taking over Chicago's Hideout September 22 and hitting cities from both coasts along the way, new-wave-jazz-meets-punk duo Guerilla Toss releases new track

Alicia Maciel  

Ecstatic to release Twisted Crystal [LP], NYC-based act Guerilla Toss keeps fans on their tip toes with the debut of "Green Apple". The second single (debuted August 16) instantly hits listeners with intergalactic tones and the vivaciousness catches anyone's interest from current followers to new ears. 

Guerilla Toss, courtesy of Force Field PR

Guerilla Toss, courtesy of Force Field PR

The core duo, Kassie Carlson (vocals) and Pete Negroponte (producer/vocalist), have outdone themselves - stylizing an organic punk take on art rock that's become GT's signature. The upcoming album showcases more complexity than their previous releases, with additional members Arian Shadier (textual guitar), Sam Lisabeth (keys), and Stephen Cooper helping bring the tracks to life.

To be considered catchy, pop jazz, psychedelic, punk, and even new wave doesn't happen quite often. Carlson's sing speak vocals are hypnotizing, especially layered with fascinating, outlandish effects.

Give a listen to "Green Apple" by Guerilla Toss and find ways to stay up-to-date with the band below.

Written by Alicia Maciel (IG, Twitter: @eraseher_), a fan of hugs and the surfer emoji.