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Varsity premieres video for single "A Friend Named Paul"

Chicago’s beloved rock-pop quartet dove deep to retrieve what’s their best music video yet.

Alicia Maciel

On August 2, 2018 – Varsity released the official video for “A Friend Named Paul”, a single from Parallel Person, their sophomore album released April 2018 via Babe City Records. Turning heads of loyal fans to publications such as Billboard and The Grey Estates (a personal favorite), Varsity’s dedication to top-notch visuals surpasses expectations once again.

Screenshot derived from video

Screenshot derived from video

Directed by creatives Mark Pallman and Amanda Speva, Varsity expressed enthusiastically that their friends interpreted their small idea and “expanded it beyond anything we could’ve dreamed up ourselves”.

From members Steph Smith (vocals, keys), Dylan Weschler (guitar), Patrick Stanton (guitar), Paul Stolz (bass), and Jake Stolz (drums) being decked out in monochromatic outfits to the adorable, elderly women perfecting choreography – the video captivates watchers easily.

Staged in a swimming pool, the whimsical video tells a story about one contemplating their love for another. The resonating themes of desire and pessimism contrast impeccably with colors seen and track’s playfulness.

Easing into their momentum, Varsity continues to work on intriguing music while landing on bills alongside Japanese Breakfast, Mothers, and more. Creating personable music that’s close to my heart, I hope that this indie rock band positively impacts and performs near you sometime soon.

In the meantime, take a look at their latest video for "A Friend Named Paul" below:

Varsity's performing at Beat Kitchen Aug 31 with LVL UP and Fran! Buy tickets here and stay tuned with these locals below.

Photo by Kristina Pedersen

Photo by Kristina Pedersen

Written by Alicia Maciel (IG, Twitter: @eraseher_), a fan of hugs and the surfer emoji. This article can also be found on Decibelle.