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Muses of Music: Audiotree Music Festival 2018

As Kalamazoo welcomes thirty bands September 22 & 23 — find blurbs, tunes, and set times of OUTSTANDING acts with female representation.

Alicia Maciel

While “muse” is often defined as an individual who inspires artists, we will refer to women taking ATMF’s stage as muses for this article. The reason being is that women taking the stage influence not only fans, but the industry as a whole.

With the resurgence of touring and festivals spilling over to autumn, avid fans strive to discover marginalized representation at upcoming shows. Cutting through the noise are eleven impeccable bands performing at Audiotree Music Festival’s fifth installment.

Left to right: Brigitte Naggar (Common Holly), Miranda Winters (Melkbelly), Laura Lee (Khruanbin)

Left to right: Brigitte Naggar (Common Holly), Miranda Winters (Melkbelly), Laura Lee (Khruanbin)

Common Holly

Inspired by the development of what it means to be a person, Montreal-raised singer Brigitte Naggar composes clever tracks that tug one’s heartstrings. Resonating lyrics that can fill your heart with joy and eyes with tears, don’t miss her performance on Sunday.


Melkbelly | Miranda Winters

Derived from Chicago’s DIY roots is a prominent noise-rock act. With Miranda Winters hitting dynamic notes twice that Saturday, the intricate arrangements performed in the full band’s set embody the catchiness of droney, punk music.

[Melkbelly 1:45PM MAIN STAGE] | [Miranda Winters 4:30PM WIDR FM STAGE]


Laura Lee transmitted her passion from teaching math to learning bass - leading to the formation of the Texan trio late 2010. In under a decade, the psychedelic funk band continues to tour the world, incorporating eclectic styles causing listeners to become devoted fans. Keep them on your radar Saturday night!


V.V. Lightbody

After performing with Chicago acts Santah and Grandkids for a few years, Vivian McConnell decided 2018 was the right time to release solo work. Taking on the moniker of V.V. Lightbody (the name of her piano-playing grandmother), her signature “nap-rock” style will hypnotize onlookers Saturday at ATMF.


Slow Mass

Combining styles of post-hardcore with indie rock, the band’s debut album teases their untapped potential. 2018 signifies the three-year anniversaries of Slow Mass and bassist Mercedes Webb picking up their instrument. Check them out Sunday for surge of emotion.


Major Murphy

Stoked on releasing their debut full-length earlier this year, this Michigan band takes rock pop to new levels. Bassist Jacki Warren is key to the trio’s rich harmonies that inhibit anyone to sway along Sunday.


Moss Jaw

Kalamazoo’s home to this DIY shoegaze-meets-indie-folk band. Co-sphering their surrealist lyricism is Kayley Kerastas on vocals and guitar. Anticipating their debut full-length this fall, be front and center for this sonic act Saturday.

[12:25 PM @ MAIN STAGE]

Diet Cig

Who would’ve anticipated that interrupting a band’s set for a lighter could lead to new heights? Alex Luciano takes on guitar and vocals in this New York duo, with back to back sing-a-longs resonating with fans Saturday.


Maybe April

Based out of Nashville, this country Americana act’s three-part harmonies have turned heads since 2012. Mingling at a music industry camp led Kristen Castro, Katy DuBois, and Alaina Stacey to share the spotlight on cross country tours — performing Saturday.


The Regrettes

Punk takes a pop route for this LA act. Performing are frontwoman Lydia Night, Genessa Gariano on guitar, and Sage Nicole on bass –ready to rile up the crowd and leave their hearts onstage Saturday.


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