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Our contributors weigh-in on their most anticipated shows for the rest of 2018

There's only a few months left of 2018 but those last months are going to be filled with an incredible amount of shows featuring talented artists. I reached out to my fellow contributors here at The Chicago Vibe to hear about what shows their most excited to see in the coming months.

 Written by: Kelley Sloot

Ally Schell:

Hobo Johnson is who I am most excited to see in Michigan in September. He’s a newer artist and has a slam poetry kind of feel. “Peach Scones” is arguably his most popular song in his discography; it’s all about love and how he feels about a girl who has a boyfriend. His words are real but clever and he’s shy but isn’t afraid to say how he feels. I am very excited!

o   Hobo Johnson will also be playing Riot Fest in Chicago (Sep 14-16).

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Kelley Sloot:

There’s actually a few concerts I’m super excited to see (and hopefully shoot) in the next few months. My must-see concerts would be FIDLAR (September 8th at The Vic) and Joyce Manor (October 20th at The Vic).

I really wanted to see FIDLAR at Riot Fest last year, but my plans fell through and I was unable to attend the festival. They’ve always been one of those bands that I blast through the speakers in my car while driving with all the windows down. A few of my friends have seen them live previously and I’ve been told that they’re concerts are filled with crazy mosh pits and an extremely energetic crowd. I think crowd surfing at a show like this would be absolutely insane and so fun.

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I’ve wanted to see Joyce Manor for years but have never gotten to go to a show for various reasons. I listened to them when I was younger but was nervous to see them live because I’ve read online that the crowds are super rambunctious and as a small-sized girl, I didn’t want to be pushed around. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve transitioned into a small-sized girl who actually likes to throw myself into mosh pits and be one of the rambunctious fans that I was nervous about before. Being able to brave the energy of any crazy crowd has definitely come with its advantages and I think that it’s finally a good time to see Joyce Manor and jam to their new album, Million Dollars To Kill Me, coming out September 21st.  

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Alicia Maciel:

Car Seat Headrest is in my top 3 indie rock bands, having had seen them last year at Summer Fest and again at Lollapalooza. They were supposed to play at The Vic and since that sold out so quickly, the venue upgraded to The Riv! I haven't seen them at a venue here in the city yet, so I'm super stoked on that. Plus, they're performing with the members of Naked Giants filling in so Will Toledo could focus on only vocals. I saw Naked Giants this past May and they put on a stellar show, with pop tracks that stayed in my head for what felt like forever.

            Car Seat Headrest plays at The Riviera on September 7th with Naked Giants.

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The Beths are a New Zealand act, bringing indie power pop in a new way! They basically create the type of music I'd love to create. The Beths released an album this summer via Carpark Records and it's one of the only records I've had on repeat. 

            The Beths play at Beat Kitchen on October 5th with Mother Evergreen & Special Death.

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Evan Hazlett:

One show in particular I find myself itching for the day to come is Shakey Graves at the Riviera Theater on Wednesday September 26th. I recently have begun to explore Alejandro Rose-Garcia’s cross of Blues, Folk, and Rock and Roll and have been impressed with each song I come across. “Hard Wire” has been one song I can’t seem to escape and if you take a listen, I’m sure you’ll understand why. The most significant reason I am stoked for this show is that three of my closest (and first!) friends at DePaul- Tommy, Haedy, and Elizabeth- have all been huge fans of Shakey Graves for a while. Tommy had recently attended a Shakey Graves show this past Spring and as soon as I started listening to his music, I knew I had made a mistake by not going to the show. If you are in need of a jazzy evening accompanied by some mellow but catchy tunes, I would not pass up this show like I did last spring! His music will bring you into an older world, and if you’re anything like me, will tempt you to run away from the world and live a more peaceful life.

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Another show I am bursting with excitement about is Kasbo at the House of Blues on Saturday, November 17th. Kasbo is an electronic artist from Sweden whose full name is Carl Garsbo. His music highly resembles the rest of the outstanding Foreign Family Collective. I saw Kasbo for the first time this summer at Electric Forest Music Festival while being surrounded by endless pines, breathtaking art pieces, and all the lights and lasers you can dream of. Kasbo killed his entire set from start to finish while incorporating many other artists including another favorite of mine, Odesza. One song that never fails to bring me back to this moment, which I was able to share with many of my closest friends, is “Snow in Gothenburg.” I have no doubt Kasbo will again make me question, “Is this real life?” this November. In my opinion, the House of Blues is one of the most beautiful venues in Chicago and I can’t wait for the euphoria that he is going to bring to the windy city. I would highly recommend catching this show, as his music inspires me to push further, and reminds me that in the end it will all be okay.

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