Big Thief – “UFOF”

What’s always been most compelling about Big Thief is their ability to take all the things you love about indie-folk and inject it with a new and refreshing energy. From searing guitars to dynamic song structures, they’ve always managed to give their music a unique flavor (which for a genre like indie-folk can often be difficult to do). The newest single, “UFOF”, from their upcoming album of the same name, feels like another step forward for Big Thief.

The song is comprised of sprawling fingerpicked acoustic guitars underscored by oddly rhythmic percussion and synth crescendos, all with Adrianne Lenker’s beautiful feathery voice floating along on top. It’s a hauntingly pretty track, eerie yet warm and comforting, with the sci-fi tinged lyrics and “sound collage” that comes in towards the end certainly contributing to this aesthetic. The song once again highlights Big Thief’s talent of exploring new sonic territory while still staying true to their roots, a balancing act that’s always exciting to see in songwriters.

“U.F.O.F.” comes out May 3rd on 4AD, the group’s first release with the label.

Review by: Michael Seidenfeld

Kelley Sloot