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Color and Sound Ft. Victor Orozco

K.P. Peters | April 2017

Welcome to Color and Sound! For this project, we’ve scoured The Dojo, SoundCloud, and private Facebook pages to bring you some talented POCs on a biweekly basis. I’ve had the honor of sitting down with these musicians and discussing their musical history, their experiences in Chicago, and the exciting places they are going. For the first interview, I talked with Victor Orozco, a local singer-songwriter. Though he just recently moved to the city from Michigan, I believe his talent is definitely worth noticing. Check out our talk below along with a private performance here.

Victor Orozco by Star Swink

Victor Orozco by Star Swink

Describe your music in 4 words?

Blues with a soul.

How did you first get into making music?

I got a guitar at 11 for Christmas. There was a big present under the tree a week before. I asked my dad, “Whose is this?” because there was no tag on it. He said, “it’s an exercise machine for your mom.” Then Christmas came around, and all the presents were opened. They called me over to the tree and told me to unwrap it. I fought them for, like, 15 minutes saying it wasn’t mine. Eventually, I ripped it open and lost my shit. I had been asking for a guitar for years.

I started learning to play for a worship team at my church only to realize later in life that that’s not what I want to do. In the past two years, my writing has changed significantly. I was convinced I had to write Christian songs because of the church I went to. Then, I stopped. That’s when I realized I could write songs I want to write. It kind of renewed my passion for music. Something just clicked where I wanted to take this seriously, and the progression I’ve made just from last January to now just blows my mind.

The last song you put out was titled Paramount Castle. Can you comment on that a bit?

I wrote that with a friend. It’s the only co-written song I’ve done. We spent two months on it. I wrote the first verse; he wrote the second. We would sit down and just play, play, play, then freeze up, get upset, and just walk away from it. We were supposed to play it at our college talent show, but he had to go to Iowa. What the hell is in Iowa?! Instead, I did another song, The Wizard in my Tree. Every time I play with this guy, he shows me something new, and this time, he showed me this chord progression. It eventually turned into the fastest song I’ve ever written, along with the longest song. I wrote that in ten minutes flat.

Can you tell us what that song is about?

A girl, haha. It’s about a girl that won’t let you in. The line goes, “tell me all your secrets that I know are there,” trying to get her to talk to the guy. Then it goes, “let me be your hero break right through,” going with, like, a comic book theme. The second verse is actually my favorite: “been stuck in these dreary halls for too long.” It’s the idea that we are stuck in a lonely castle, and the girl reminds us of better days. It’s a little basic, haha.

How would you describe being a part of the DIY Chicago scene?

A friend of mine suggested it to me. I just moved back to Chicago about two months ago and happened to go to Refuge Live. They have a cool open mic scene on Wednesday nights, mostly hip-hop. It was really cool because with a lot of the open mics I go to, you walk in and immediately see, like, 15 guitars. It’s like a bunch of guys trying to be Bob Dylan. So, I happened to go to Refuge Live and did a set there. Then, I ran into an old friend from high school who is in a band called Attack the Sound. He gave me a lot of suggestions. He told me I’d have to do a lot of free shows out here the first few months, told me to network, and then showed me the DIY page.

Any memorable moments?

Back when I was living in Michigan, I was involved with the open mic community and the art community. One of the ones I regularly attend was doing an award thing. I didn’t expect it, but they gave me an award for best singer-songwriter. It’s this little plastic trophy with a crooked tag on it. I still have it, haha. Out here, I haven’t played as much yet. The last show I played only had two people in the crowd. I don’t have a lot of friends yet.

What can our readers expect from you in the future?

I have radio interviews coming up-- one with Wardens Midwest Radio/UIC Radio on April 21st at 9. Where I work, there is a local DJ that comes in all the time, and we are working on a radio interview for August. I have a show at RPM Music Chicago on the 22nd for Record Day. It’ll be all original material. I’m also working on an EP as every artist is. I’m dropping my mix tape soon. It’ll be seven songs; I’m just not sure which songs. I’m also collaborating with a lot of rap artists in the area. Nothing super solid, but a lot is coming in the next two months. This is very much the baby phase of everything for me, but I’m starting to turn it up a notch.

Victor Orozco by Star Swink

Victor Orozco by Star Swink