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Foreign Sunsets Interview

K.P. Peters | June 2017

This interview has been a long time coming, and I personally apologize for the delay. A while back, I chatted with Foreign Sunsets, a local pop-punk band composed of three brothers and guitarist Armando. With Jo Robledo on lead vocals and guitar, Jon Robledo on drums/vocal, Ulysses Robledo on bass/vocals, this Family trio is not a to be missed. Recently they released a single, Rampant, with all the makings of a great summer tune. Below you can check out our interview, or click here to see a street ally acoustic performance.


 Describe your music in five words or less.

(Whole band in unison) Alternative, pop-punk, bilingual- rock

Wow, I like that you all did that together.

 Jo: Yea, alternative pop punk is something we’ve been told a lot. Like we aren’t pop punk, there is something there. We are an alternative to pop punk.

Describe the best show you’ve ever played.

 Jon: I’m going to say the first show we did as a full band. That show was just awesome. It was really awkward because it was a full acoustic build and a comedian, for some reason, but we were the headliner. So everyone got nice calm music then we came in with heavy pop punk.

Jo: You are missing the best part, it was in a coffee shop. It was a tiny coffee shop called the hidden pearl café. We filled the space, people laughed and jammed out. A mash pit was started. It was an awesome start to our music career. After that we switched out band members.

Ulysses: Since I started I think it would be the underground lounge. We had this band from Florida that was touring. They had us go on third and headline. It was weird because it was the end of the tour and they head us headline. They said they were honoring the city by having a local band perform.

Jo: People were coming in because they heard our set off the street. It was just fantastic.

Can you tell me about the album you are recording?

 Jon: Yea, on one track on our album, “I Ran,” there is a little mishap that we are keeping on the track. We started with us all playing, like I was playing drums along with the rest of the band in my headset. But, Jo forgot to turn up his guitar. We started recording and I go “God dammit,” and the drum mic picked it up.

Jo: Yea, and I go, “I forgot to turn my guitar on.”

Jon: So the track starts with me and Ulysses playing the intro, God dammit, laughing then we start again.


Jo: What’s weird about our band is that we try to never write two songs that sound similar, so this album is all mixed up. So we have like two acoustic songs, one was written and recorded in a bathroom. It has this cool low-fi sound to it, so we kept that. We also have this traditional pop sounding track, and a pop-punk one. Then it gets way into the outskirts. We have one song we call the anime song, it's officially titled "Mugen," the goal is to have it used in an anime intro one day.

Ulysses: It took a long time to decide on the album name and artwork. We started with an idea and was working for a name. At first it was homes for the heartless, and we ran with that.

Jo: then I made a dark humor joke or something, and I came up with the idea of a naked dude in a bathtub holding a toaster and calling it bath bombs.

Jon: I was against it, I’ve seen a lot of memes about it. I’m weary about the backlash and we will have a disclaimer. We don’t support suicide. But a lot of our songs are very said.

Jo: All our songs are very upbeat, but the words are very depressing.

Ulysses: Our hearts are on our sleeves and our toasters in our tub.

So I heard Jon creates the art. Is that true?

 Jon: Yes. For this album I hand painted the background of one of our options for an album cover.

Jo: We were coming up with an idea and he drew the concept. So, he water colored the back ground. We did a photo shoot with a friend but it didn’t work out because of the backdrop. So, we decided to cut him out and put it on the original water color backdrop.

Anything else you’d like to add?

 Jo: we haven’t told anyone this yet, but this whole album will be re-released in Spanish. We are very excited to release this in Mexico and Central America. We are already working on another EP. It’s like we can’t make music fast enough.



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