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Who's who in the Evening Attraction

K.P. Peters | July 2017

Local Chicago band The Evening Attraction recently hit the road for their first tour with Post Animal. The melapsychia (melodic/psychedelic/rock and roll) band caught up with me at Hi Tone in Memphis, Tennessee to talk about life in a van. Though it was early in the tour, we had lots of laughs and built up anticipation for their next album, The End Again. While the band is still working out the kinks on how they plan to release the album, they did tell me a few things. The End Again was recorded this past winter at Treehouse Records. I can’t attest to the whole 9-track-long album, but from what I heard at the concert, it will be good. The Evening Attraction combines killer grooves, great lyrics and classic rock and roll into another album that will take your breath away. I decided that for this interview, we would test how well the band knows each other by handing out superlatives.

The award for pulling the most pranks goes to Vince (organs, shakers, backup vocals).

Though the band doesn’t really pull pranks, Vince wins for his ability to simply disappear and come back with a rubber chicken. Where does he keep the chicken? His answer: “You don’t want to know.”

Runner up for this award was Joey (lead guitar) because he once ate a whole bag of Twizzlers. That was only a prank on his own body, but the band had a good laugh.

Worst driver was a tie between Paul (bass, harmony vocals) and Miles (lead vocals, guitar).

This one was tricky, since two people in the band are not even allowed to drive. Paul defended his skills on the road by calling Miles out on his lead foot. When I asked Miles if he speeds, he said, “No, I hustle.”

Nicest to fans was awarded to Joey. He can hold up a two-hour conversation with a parking meter and loves sparking up conversations with fans.

Worst in the morning goes to Miles because he’s never seen a morning. His daily routine consists of waking up at 2 PM and scurrying to get ready.

In contrast, best in the morning goes to Vince. The band talked about being in Austin, Texas, where Vince would have three breakfasts by the time anyone else was awake and thinking of lunch.

Biggest flirt goes to Paul. The band said it was effortless for him, and called him out on his handsome looks.

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