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OHKAY Pop Up Shop

K.P. Peters | November 2016

Last night, November 16, Chris Brown set up a pop up shop for his upcoming brand. Brown, a DePaul freshman, runs his own international clothing line, OHKAY. The clothes suit an indie skater boy aesthetic and have been compared to other brands like Supreme and Obey. The pop up shop quickly filled up around 7 when the local band The Slaps took the stage. The crowd enjoyed the show and the audience danced and sang along to some of the bands classics (which you can find on our YouTube page). Many of the audience members seemed to be familiar with The Slaps, lending to a fun environment. After the set Rand, the lead singer, congratulated Brown on his hard work with the brand. The band brought up Brown to give a small speech. The shop was a great time filled with memorabilia, good vibes and great music. If you are interested in buying from this line they can be purchased online here.