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Transviolet & LANY @ Metro

K.P. Peters | November 2016
Last night Transviolet opened with their song “Bloodstream”, immediately drawing a reaction from the audience. The band didn’t hesitate to turn the volume all the way up, creating powerful floor vibrations and infusing the atmosphere with those infectious Chicago vibes. It was mesmerizing to watch Sarah, Transviolet’s lead singer, as she let the music flow throughout her entire body. She took absolute control of the stage, doing back bends, jumping off the bass drum, and holding hands with an audience member.

After Transviolet’s fantastic performance, I was able to talk with the members of the band, all of which were friendly, witty and fun. This was their 4th performance in Chicago and Sarah noted that this audience had good vibes, citing variances between performing for teenagers and adults. We even addressed how she acts in concerts herself. 
After we talked for a while, the band came out to join us. The guys, Jonah, Mike, and Jon, were full of good times. Jonah and I joked around, taking a selfie in our matching hats before he let me give him a fake tattoo, pictured below.
After our talk, I returned to find that LANY had taken over the stage, already captivating the audience. Paul, the lead singer, was undeniably cool, letting his long locks flow as he danced around, complimenting his incredible voice with the skilled strums of his mint green guitar. The New York- and LA-based band thrilled the crowd, pronouncing Chicago “the best place to perform” before performing a special song and prancing around the stage with the iconic W flag around his shoulders. LANY teased the audience by “ending” the concert with a beautiful performance of “Current Location”, later coming back for an encore of “Bad, Bad, Bad,” and “ILYSB”, delighting the audience and perfectly finishing the truly memorable night.