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Treehouse Records Open House

K.P. Peters | November 2016

Treehouse Records was any Chicago musician’s wet dream. The record label had plenty of rooms for practicing, not to mention an entire back area that was being expanded into more recording spaces. The studio owned stacks of amazing guitars, organs, basses and amps. Vibe employees even managed to play around on one of the organs. I got to talk to one of their recording artists, Charlie Lubeck, who gushed about the companies $35 an hour price. No I didn’t miss-type that, working with people these amazing is seriously that cheap.
I thought free beer and being in a recording studio was going to make the night unbeatable until The Break took the stage. This band broke up about four years ago, according to the drummer and Treehouse co-owner Matt Gieser, but put on one reunion show. The bass player, Paul Ansani, overwhelmingly dominated the show. His stage presence was almost indescribable. Paul held the bass straight in the air, head banged like no other, gave the crowd a glare and pressed his back to the lead singer, Sean Cahill-Lemme. If you missed this amazing performance there is no need to fret. I talked with The Break’s guitar player, Miles Mailn, about what they are up to now. Miles informed me that he and Paul are in another band called The Evening Attraction. They will be performing at the house of blues on December 3rd for a just as amazing performance.