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Co-Stanza EP "Sketch"

Patsy Newitt and Chloe Noonan | January 2017

The Hip Cat off the Addison Brown Line was over capacity this Thursday, January 12th, as Co-stanza brought down the house releasing their new EP Sketch. The group members Jack Costanza, Katie Teston, and Ryan Adams spent the greater part of their break collaborating and conducting this project. The EP features the vocals of Owen Ostermuellar and various others delicately arranged amongst the tracks.  

This intimate event was a mixture of parents, old friends, and new fans all gathered around the tiny antique store’s fine merchandise. The intimacy combined with the energy of the group created a cozy but enthusiastic environment. Sports Boyfriend (Eileen Peltier) opened with a dreamy love song that immediately swayed the audience. Her indie pop babe energy gives her a unique style and as she sings hunched over her guitar she sounds ethereal. She has a Sylvan Esso sound but with more youth and more funk. 

After Sports Boyfriend’s performance, the crowd cheered as Co-stanza took the stage (carpet). The audience was immediately enticed. The first song instantly revealed the different sound from his previous work. “Lame", the last EP released from Co-stanza, has more of a carefree summer sound with hints of nostalgia. Most DePaul students can relate to this since as  college begins they experience a plethora of new. Though his last EP was mostly hip-hop, “Sketch” has more of a variety of genres. Specifically, the songs “I’ve Been Wrong” and “Partners” highlight his switch from the lighter summer note of “Lame”. Costanza describes the music as “alternative with hip hop and soul”. The lyrics are structurally written in a folk style, exemplified in “I’ve Been Wrong” and “Southport”.

The EP itself is all about change. It is centered around a transition, like a breakup, but manages to not sound whiny by focusing on moving forward. The comparisons between “Lame” and “Sketch” highlight a more mature sound. Katie Teston’s vocals added an additional layer, providing a female aspect to the boyish charm. There was no doubt in the room of Ryan Adam’s deserving acceptance into Berklee’s School of Music as he wowed the audience with his outstanding guitar performance. Jack’s stage presence and energy was unmatched, and his commitment to the lyrics was evident. The three performers collaborated seamlessly in this new EP. We advise anyone and everyone to check out their hard work.