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Billie Eilish @ Schubas Review

Kailah (K.P.) Peters | October 2017

For such a young artist, Billie has built herself a large following. Last week on October 12, Billie Eilish played a sold out show at Schuba’s. For those of you not there, my sincere apologizes let me fill you in.

The performance started with an ambiguous feel. As the theme song for The Office played, Billie and her brother Finneas O’Connell took the stage.  Though Billie was sick and couldn’t reach her high notes, she still gave an energetic performance. The 15-year-old star bounced around the stage, letting the music move her.

At one point in the set, Billie let her brother take the mic. He performed an acoustic version of “I’m in Love Without You” and left the crowd in awe. His voice is deeper than Billie’s, giving the show a fun variation. He still maintained the sad acetic that Billie is notorious for. After that performance, I will anxiously await more music from Finneas. I have no doubt this family has talent running through their veins.


When Billie picked up her Ukulele the crowd got excited. We all waited for the ring that would cue up “Party Favor.” Instead, she performed a ukulele cover of “Hot Line Bling” then made the transition to her song.

When performing her hit “My Boy”, Billie and Finneas present a dance. This was one of the coolest parts of the set. The artist let her shoulders bounce with the beat and kicked her feet to the bass.

Eventually, the set had to end. Billie closed the show with “Bellyache,” revving the crowd back up after “Ocean Eyes.” If you missed her this time - be sure to catch her the next. As long as she keeps making sick music, Billie is only going to get more popular. She started by selling out Schubas but it won’t be long before she is selling out shows at Thalia Hall.