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ASAP Mob @ UIC Pavillion Review

Ally Schell | October 2017

During any concert, there is always an experience. With ASAP Mob, it was a delight. The set design was one I have never seen before, with the front of a Lamborghini personalized for the DJs on stage, and a huge screen in the back featuring the word “ASAP”.  I have never seen a crowd cheer so loud and scream the lyrics along with the artist; it was almost a euphoric experience.

In the beginning, artists such as Treez Lowkey and Key! were featured along with some members of ASAP Mob before their actual show. It was cool to see in the back some of the ASAP crew watching their fellow performers present their work on stage, and you could see the whole UIC Pavilion vibing as well. 

The crowd waited for ASAP Mob as they all chanted. Suddenly, the curtain came down and we could see the Lamborghinis and screen, but still no ASAP Mob. They all again proceeded to scream, “ASAP, ASAP, ASAP”, as the screen began to show the crew backstage. They started to sing, but I couldn’t hear them over the excitement of the crowd! Personally, I couldn’t wait to see ASAP Rocky. When he came out in front of the screen, a girl shouted “Flacko!”, which is what he refers to himself as in many of his songs.


Finally, they all came on stage to sing “Yamborghini High” and the crowd went absolutely nuts.  Seeing all your favorites on stage was one for the books! Then they sang “Walk on Water” and the crowd was just as hype.  I pondered around the crowd to see if anyone was in distress in this situation, but everyone seemed to be so happy they could barely contain themselves.

I had a chance to talk to a guy named Abriel who had a meet and greet pass on, and I asked him how his experience was meeting the crew. He stated his disappointment, as he had not met the crew because there were complications on the list of meet and greets. He had said nearly half of the line was booted out, even though they had passes to meet them. He tried to talk to a representative, but they weren’t there to console his pain.  He also said that meet and greet people were allotted to get front row for the pit, but they had let general admission in early.


Although this was a disappointing experience for Abriel, I talked to other people in the pit. One girl from Cicero couldn’t believe she was there to celebrate with ASAP Mob. She purchased a hoodie which looked like an artist had hand-drawn the whole thing in pen. The merchandise was astounding.  After all the cliché merchandise I have seen, this merch was clearly thought out for the fans.

Whether it is the band merchandise or the Lambos on stage, I can most definitely say this experience was different than any other concert I’ve been to. I have never been to a rap concert before this one, but it ranks high on my list as one to beat!