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Warble Daze Review

Emily Cosgrove | October 2017

I really didn’t know what to expect when going to Saturday of Warble Daze this year. Although this is the second year the festival took place, this was the first year I heard about it. It was held at the Logan Auditorium, which is one of the few venues I have not been to in Chicago. What I did expect was an amazing show; and it was.

The line-up for the whole weekend was awesome, and I was so upset I couldn’t make it both days. It featured mostly local bands, with a few bands who made the trek across the country.

The Saturday line-up included Town Criers, Cafe Racer, Joe Bordenaro, Acid Dad (from New York), The Nude Party (from North Carolina), and Modern Vices. Many of these bands I have seen before, but it was cool to see some new acts I hadn’t even heard of.

Warble Daze features solely rock music, which worried me a little bit. I’ll be honest, I love rock, but to have six bands perform the same genre of music back-to-back sounded like it could have been a little bit boring. I was surprised when each band managed to deliver their unique brand of rock and roll.

The festival featured a variety of vendors and DJ sets as well. I appreciated this because it allowed attendees to get the chance to take a break from the show and explore other things music and art related.

As for the venue Logan Square Auditorium, I was surprised at how spacious it was. It looks way different than any music venue I have been to in the city, and since it is an event space used for a variety of events I was shocked that the sound was pretty decent. It really is a historic, vintage-feeling place.

Warble Daze is a promising festival. It aims to keep it local, with a very DIY-feel and many local bands and vendors. I really appreciate the Chicago-centric feel the festival has, yet they still make it a point to bring in bands from other places with a similar sound and vibe. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Warble Daze grow!