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“Who Truly Remains” - Capt. K’nuckles

Kody Steele | October 2017

In his second album, “Who Truly Remains,” Capt. K’nuckles brings forth thought provoking monologues, combined with an eerie production style and a lot of raw energy. The album is reminiscent to the early work of Tyler, the Creator. Each time I listened I found songs that had more to offer than I first realized. This album requires you to come back time and time again, leaving you with new interpretations as a listener.        



I believe that the strength of this album can be found with the fourth, fifth, and sixth songs consecutively. The fourth song, “.intruders.” delivers a head-bobbing flow and a reference to the album title, “Who Truly Remains.” This track gives us a look into the concept Capt. K’nuckles had in mind for the album. The next song on the album “.gorilla.palmz.” delivers a track that makes you feel like you can take on the world. It’s a song I could see me and my friends putting on in the car for a night of partying. The sixth song of the album “” was my favorite track. I believe it is the most well-rounded. It put forth the recognizable production style of most of the other tracks, solid flow with tight rhymes and high listenability. Capt. K collaborates on this with Ace Cadet and Swami See, giving a back and forth between the featured rappers’ styles. The compliment of sound it provided makes it a song I will come back to repeatedly. Ultimately, these trio of songs stood out to me as a group and really sets the artist up for success on the rest of the album.

As far as inspiration towards the style of music he puts out he claims to look mainly within himself. He notes that he keeps this as honest as possible by not listening to much music that comes out now-a-days so that it won’t spark ideas that are not his own. Something I believe worth noting about this artist is the relationship between Capt. K and his producer, Schlong Pong. When asked about the production of the album Capt. K responded,

“I met him [Schlong Pong] on a forum a while ago and he is from Germany. He hasn’t told me his name or what he looks like, but I prefer to keep it that way because I think it’s super sick that he keeps his identity hidden as it shows me that all that matters is the sound”. 

 With that said the dynamic seems to be working and they really complement each other. After giving a good listen to the album and speaking some with the artist, “Who Truly Remains” is an album to take a solid look at and Capt. K an artist to keep an eye on. One live performance has already taken place mid-August of this year. I’m curious to see how this album will translate to a live performance because I believe the raw energy connecting with a crowd will truly be something to experience. No date has been set for the next performance, but I know I will be keeping an eye out for it.

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