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Bad bad hats, Basement, and The Front Bottoms review

Kailah (K.P.) Peters | October 2017

October 26th, The Front Bottoms put on a night to remember at the Metro. The first band to perform was Bad Bad Hats. Though this band doesn’t have big following they made a name for themselves that night. They played their more popular hits, “It hurts” and “Midway.” This band is a mix of mid-western manners and hard rock and roll. The crowd was thrown for a loop when lead singer Kerry Alexander opened her mouth to talk.


Her mid-western charm came out. Her talking voice was sweet, well-mannered and almost shy. This is not what you’d expect from her harsh and honest lyrics. After she chat with the crowd she played a more aggressive song. I was astounded when the sweet mannered Kerry shredded her guitar solo. Their Minnesota origin doesn’t soften the edge of their music.

After Bad Bad Hats revved up the crowd Basement kicked it into high gear. This British rock band got the crowd pumped. During their performance crowd surfers came out (and got shut down by security). Their guitar riffs and energy shook the building. You could feel the bass of their songs in your bones.


As the crowd waited for the Front bottoms to perform the venue played “Say it ain’t so” by Weezer. The whole crowd united to sing the modern classic. Words can’t describe the feeling of unity and bliss this moment evoked. Even without live music Metro managed to capture the beauty of concerts.

The Front Bottoms took the stage and everyone was thrilled. Their performance included more than just audio. The band set up screens on both sides of the stage to project visuals that aligned with the songs. This performance was mostly new songs off their latest release “Going Grey.”

The Front Bottoms opened with “You Used to Say (Holy Fuck).” The crowd jumped and danced along to the indie hits. A large portion of the crowd brought alien balloons with lights in them. These were thrown around the crowd. Bouncing over heads and on stage, the balloons created a euphoric atmosphere.


At one point the crowd started throwing items up on stage. The first was a hand-made The Front Bottoms banner. It included the Chicago skyline and the band’s name. Brian Sella, the lead singer, held the banner above his head so the crowd could see. Then he had stage hands hang it up. Next a fan threw a hat on stage. After laughing at how sweaty it was Brian gave the hat to drummer Mathew Uychich to wear. Immediately afterwards another fan threw a Chicago hat. This hat landed on Brian’s guitar. After a good laugh he decided he had to wear it.


As Brian said, this concert was definitely a night to remember. With old and new songs coming together I’d keep an eye out for where The Front Bottoms goes next.

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