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Ember Oceans Review

Ally Schell | November 2017

The new age is here! Look no further than Chicago locals Ember Oceans because they’ve got a hip new single out! The animated indie pop-rock band will make you jump, sway, and maybe even hug your best friend. This four-piece band sounds similar to Passion Pit but has a wide range of influences. According to Facebook, their band interests are “couches are nice.” Indeed, they are. If you haven’t heard of Ember Oceans until now, I highly recommend the songs “Caught Up!,” “Karma,” and “Right Reasons.” But today we are here to talk about a new song of theirs, “Spearmint.”

Reminiscent of bubblegum pastimes, “Spearmint” brings a whole new sound to Ember Oceans. When they began writing, they stated that it was a nothing shy of a “slow groove,” but as they continued, they started to get into the swing of the new song to create a vibe that I can only describe as a warm and textured sound.

With “Spearmint,” Ember Oceans agreed that it was their first song that they felt in tune with and comfortable doing on their own. They told me that they used to rely on producers to capture the sound they hoped for, but with this one, it just came naturally. With a heavy jazzmaster strumming, they said they enjoyed the sounds of John Mayer’s new album and encapsulated that within their new single. But this band is far from cookie-cutter: you will have to listen for yourselves how they steer away from the mainstream and bring their animated sound to the forefront.

Personally, this is my favorite song of theirs. “Spearmint” is all about young love and the feeling that you get when you’re with your new partner. In this case, it’s all about a girl who has spearmint on her breath and makes them act like a freshman again. “You play my heart like an arcade game” is one of the lines in the song that shows the misfortune that comes with being vulnerable to someone but still not wanting the night to end.

Take it from me: this band has extreme bops. Good news for Chicago fans, they are going to bring something special to you for this winter in terms of a big show! Though they are still working on it, they plan to make their live sets better than ever. It’s clear to see that “Spearmint” is just the beginning.  


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