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Judge Judy and Executioner Takes the Stage

K.P. Peters | April 2017

Max Bottner, DePaul Dropout, performed a solo set for his band Judge Judy and Executioner April 8th at Club Soda. 

After deciding to leave DePaul’s film program, Bottner is refocusing his energy on music. The artist says he realized that film wasn’t what he really wanted to do, but making music makes him happy. With only two quarters under his belt, Bottner has tons of love and support from the DePaul community, which was clear by the friends that cheered him on in the crowd.

Though a solo set is unusual for the band, Max did an excellent job. He won the crowd over with musical talent, humorous stage presence, and great tunes. Throughout his performance, Max matched his baritonecore style music with mouth-organs and guitar playing. For those of you not at the show, baritonecore is how Bottner describes his music, which is shaped around deep vocals. Mouth-organs refers to the plethora of harmonicas he played. This music is something you shouldn’t miss out on again.