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A Night with The Growlers

Emily Cosgrove | March 10, 2017

The Growlers show I attended at the Metro this past Friday was a show I had been looking forward to for a very long time. I am a huge fan of the band; I previously saw them at the Metro in the fall of 2015, and also saw them more recently at Thalia Hall last September. Since I am a fan and had seen them multiple times, I sort of had an idea of what to expect, yet this show held many surprises.
One thing that caught me by surprise was that this show was all about The Growlers. Bands typically have one or two openers, especially at a big venue such as the Metro. In fact, every time I have seen The Growlers they have had an opener. But this time, there was no openers, which allowed the band to play for almost two and a half hours! This completely blew my mind. The Growlers were able to play hit after hit, off of their extensive past discography and their newest album City Club.
Something that really defines The Growlers is their unique sound, which they coined as “beach goth”. The only way I can describe this sound is a gypsy-esque, surfer sound, mixed with a million other influences. This wide array of influences really gives The Growlers their own unique sound of which I have never heard another band encompass.
Their uniqueness of sound allows them to adopt a very chill performance quality. Although Brooks Nielsen (the lead singer of The Growlers), may not be a crazy, in-your-face front man, he somehow manages to capture the audience’s complete attention with his cool, laidback persona. The whole band does not do much more than sway around, yet somehow they are able to put on an incredibly entertaining performance due to their catchy, original songs and flamboyant style.
The Growlers are a band I will continue to see over and over again live. They never disappoint, and always put on a great show. I was even more impressed with them after this most recent show. They established that they are not only talented and entertaining, but are able to play an extremely long set filled with all of their classics, which is a true gift to their fans.