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KO from MØ

K.P. Peters | March 2017

Though pop is a guilty pleasure of mine I must admit, MØ was an amazing performance. She owned the stage like it was the only place she could have been, even though she spent very little time there. MØ performed laying down, in the crowd, on the balcony; basically anywhere and everywhere she could. She was high energy and the crowd loved it. This sold out show had everyone singing along and falling in love with her amazing performance. One of the most notable things, besides her high energy, was the use of strobe lights. They were set back stage, illuminating MØ from behind. This gave her an otherworldly appearance. The show truly was surreal.

MØ is a young Danish singer-songwriter, most notably known for hits like Kamikaze and Final Song. Her mix of powerful vocals and bubbly synths makes every song a hit. She combines romantic lyrics with a fun beat and a powerful performance, all this means I would happily walk through the snow to see her anytime.

If you are a fan of Grimes, Twin Shadow or anything in that genre I strongly recommend you give MØ a listen.