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Mickey Avalon Live @ Bottom Lounge


Emily Cosgrove | March 2017

This past Friday I went to see Mickey Avalon at Bottom Lounge, and I had NO idea what to expect. I had heard of Mickey Avalon because some of my friends are fans, and I knew of the songs “My Dick” and “Jane Fonda”, of which he is probably most famous for. I just sort of went on a whim because my friend really likes him and asked me if I wanted to go. I was not expecting much, but WOW, he is one of the most entertaining performers I have seen in a long, long time.
For those of you who do not know Mickey Avalon, he is a 41-year-old rapper who has been making music for over 10 years. A lot of his songs focus on controversial topics, like drugs and sex, based off of a lot of experiences from his wild past. His whole persona is extremely sleazy, raunchy, and provocative, yet he somehow manages to evoke pure sex appeal.
My friends and I were able to get really close to the front because his audience was mostly made up of people in their early thirties who weren’t obnoxious enough to be pushing and shoving one another (thank god because that is honestly something I cannot stand at certain concerts).
Mickey started his set and immediately I was super intrigued. He has such a suave, nonchalant vibe about him while he performs. He doesn’t use any big production while he is on, all he has is a DJ in the background playing off of a MacBook. BUT, what he does have is an AMAZING backup dancer who comes on during some of the songs.
I was super interested in how he incorporates a dancer onstage, so I looked up who the dancer is. Her name is Jillian Schmitz, and she is a professional dancer who has been in the industry for years. What she does onstage at Mickey’s shows is very reminiscent of burlesque, but not in the classic sense—she comes on in little cheerleader outfits or sexy lingerie, dancing and doing stripteases to Mickey’s songs. They have great chemistry on stage and half of the time she steals the show from an already great performer.
I always say that there is one way to know if an artist is a good performer: if you can go to their show without really knowing any of their songs, but still have a great time. Mickey Avalon played his hits and some new songs, and with the assistance of his bad-ass dancer Jillian, had an amazing show that I won’t forget.