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What's Up with All Time Low's "Dirty Laundry"?

Lauren Stufflebeam | February 2017

All Time Low may not be the scrappy band from Maryland that we all grew up with anymore.

Since 2003, this band has clawed its way to stardom with every album they released. All Time Low has bounced around 4 different labels and released 6 albums with a 7th on the way. All Time Low is definitely not the "straight out of high school" pop punk band it used to be. On February 17th, the veteran band cemented its path of change with a brand new single. The single, entitled "Dirty Laundry", is the first song released with the band's new label, Fueled by Ramen. This coming June, All Time Low's new album called "Last Young Renegade" will be debuted. 

When I first popped in my earbuds to give "Dirty Laundry" a listen, my mouth about dropped to the floor. Immediately, I knew the "Dear Maria" days were over, and that this album would stray far away from a pop punk sound. The song starts off with gentle synth and low calming vocals from the band's lead singer, Alex Gaskarth. The beginning verses are nothing notable, especially since Alex Gaskarth has an impressive vocal range to flex. The chorus hits so smoothly, you almost don't realize that you are listening to it. Much to my surprise, the chorus ended with a high note that melts into the melody of the song. Although the chorus is not complex, it is entirely enjoyable and easy to listen to. The part of the song that took me aback the most was the bridge. Suddenly, the song bursts into the band that I was familiar with, leaving me happily surprised. All Time Low took the gentle melody and put some muscle behind it in order to make something new. "Dirty Laundry" left me utterly puzzled for a couple of days. After much thought, I came upon a consensus on what to make of this single. 

"Dirty Laundry" sounded like two different songs the first time I listened to it. However, there's a specific reason why the song was built the way it was. "Dirty Laundry" is one giant crescendo of emotion and a symbol of change. Alex was explicit in stating that the world is not the place we all thought it was and that All Time Low was ready to leap headfirst into change. The band does that single handedly with this song. They subtly proclaim their new voice, while simultaneously reminding fans that they remember their past. The upcoming album, "Last Young Renegade", will no doubt be another poignant statement from the band.

It's time to say goodbye to the "Dear Maria" days, but hold on for a new surprise just around the corner.