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"Take Me" by Aly & AJ

Meghan Boyles | September 2017

Aly & AJ are back with a new music video for the song “Take Me,” and it’s so good. You might remember the Michalka sisters from their mid-2000s Radio Disney hits “Rush,” “Chemicals React,” and of course, “Potential Breakup Song.” Set all those tween pop memories aside and listen to the new single for what it is.

“Take Me” is inspired by the pop hits of the 80s. Fans have been comparing the new sound to Carly Rae Jepsen and modern-day Paramore. The music video, which is also 80s-inspired, shows the sisters as vampires in reference to the lyric “I know that you would want it if I could sink my teeth into you.” It gives off a more grown-up vibe for the sisters, who are now 28 and 26 years old. They have left their Disney Channel days behind.

“Take Me” is the duo’s first release in ten years aside from a 2009 single called “Hothouse” released under the name 78violet. The name change was supposed to signify a change in image for the sisters, but they canceled the album they were planning on releasing and decided to go back to their original name. They held off on putting out new music until now—their EP, appropriately named Ten Years, is set to release this October. Until then, you can watch the music video for “Take Me” on repeat and rejoice that Aly & AJ have returned.

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