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Sofar, So Good

K.P. Peters | March 12, 2017

Last night, March 12, Sofar put on a private show just for DePaul students.

It showcased Kaina (@kaifu), Femdot (@femdotdotcom), and Iris Temple (@iristemplemusic) all of whom are DePaul musicians.

This Sofar concert was the most intimate show I have ever been too. All the musicians kept the music as simple as possible and expressed the emotion behind it in a beautiful way.

The first act, Kaina, blew the crowd away with her amazing vocals and harmonies. The best of her songs was Run. After her soulful performance Hip-hop star Femdot took the stage, or carpet. His quirky personality illuminated the room, making the crowd smile by performing into a remote and including us in all the songs. Last but not least was Iris Temple, who performed an all acoustic set. Their performance gave off a very folksy vibe, which is much different from their fully produced work. The band seamlessly mended both vocalists with the guitar and drum.

All in all, SoFar was so good. Anyone interested in the most intimate concert experience should attend a local show. Impressively, SoFar has roots in over 300 cities. Though it started in London, Chicago has become its 4th largest city. I know I am definitely looking forward to going to another show, and you should too.

Check out more information about SoFar Chicago and SoFar global at the links below.