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Something New to "Love" by Lana

Emily Cosgrove | February 2017

On Saturday, the indie darling Lana Del Rey released her first single in almost a year, called “Love”. The queen of nostalgia kept us waiting, but for good reason: this song is very good. It stays true to her melancholic style, and is very reminiscent of the moody material she is well-known for. Yet, something stands out about this track. It adds an almost electronic, pulsing beat in the background throughout the song. At one point, it even pays a subtle homage to The Beach Boys, with the words “don’t worry baby”, repeated over and over again in her soft, velvety voice.
Two days after the initial release of “Love”, she released a video accompanying it, which is very similar to her past videos. It alternates between a few different shots, the first in all black and white, with lots of up close shots of her shy, doe-eyed face singing longingly into the camera. Throughout the video, some other shots are featured, shots that would seem random to someone who is not acquainted with her previous work. They feature grainy images of people driving in a pickup truck, seedy images of party scenes, and people smiling in the sunset. This harkens all the way back to her video for the hit song “Video Games”, which is the track that got her started.
In “Love”, Lana Del Rey offers up a new twist on her old material. It might not be anything completely revolutionary or new, but she has truly created a certain niche of music for her and her fans. Although I have said it many times, the feeling of nostalgia is so strong in each of her songs, it almost hurts. She makes her listeners yearn for something, a certain thing that is indescribable. She has simply mastered this concept by using her unique contralto voice, her knack for embodying a vintage aesthetic, and her complete originality.