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The Internet - Steve Lacy's Demo

Lela Gaye | March 2017

I’m having an existential music crisis. For the past few months I’ve been in the headspace that if I am not recommended new music, my friends don’t like it, or I don't randomly discover artists from a concert then I won't listen to it. I just don’t have time to filter through good and bad because there is too much music out here. Steve Lacy’s Demo was something I discovered on my own and I am so glad I took a chance with. Recently The Internet (the band, not the indescribable source of information) has been constantly on my playlists. Their third album, Ego Death, had such a smooth and new sound. The mixes and features from Kaytranada, Vic Mensa, and Goldlink are genius.
Every member of this band adds really different tones to the music. Individually their performances on their solo projects are truly unique, but still have similar remnants of The Internet. 18-year-old band member Steve Lacy dropped a “song series” about two weeks ago. He says, “This isn’t an album because that's coming later. I just needed to get this music out.” His producing and guitar playing in The Internet is fresh and smooth but, on his project, entitled Steve Lacy’s Demo, Steve shows off his vocal ability. The first song on the demo, titled Looks, is a dance track that taps into attraction and desire. Not only is he skillful in writing, guitar playing, singing, and producing but being the millennial he is, Lacy recorded the entire project on his iPhone. Often, people think you can only record in a studio and you need so much money to book a studio, but that's played out. Lacy simply takes his smartphone out and records that shit.
If you are looking for hard chords with sweet melodies this is your guy. This is our first listen to a body of work from Lacy before his album drops. I just hope it’s coming within the next few months, at least before 2017 ends.