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Son Lux @ Lincoln Hall

Sabrina Miresse | March 29, 2018

The quietest rock band I’ve ever seen.

The early Son Lux concert started at 7 p.m. with openers Hanna and Sinkane. The three boys of Son Lux—Ryan Lott, Rafiq Bhatia and Ian Chang—hit the stage promptly at 8:30 p.m. with an intro so soft, you could hear the bartenders in the back of Lincoln Hall shaking drinks.

It was silent in the crowd for a couple minutes, and I mean dead silent. There were no voices over the muffled sound wave the band had been sending out into the crowd. Quiet anticipation feels weird—especially at a concert. There was no clapping or woos from the audience, no side conversations able to be heard near me, and all I could make of that is pure anticipation.

Dreamy blue lights radiated around the room making the Lincoln Hall feel like the inside of a fish bowl. An abrupt ambient shift in the opening song startled me a couple minutes in, bringing my attention back towards the stage. 

That ambient shift is what allowed me to recognize the song as “The Fool You Need. A track off the band’s latest album “Brighter Wounds,” which was released this year. Bass drum carried the song all the way through, with additional edited layers, allowing it to be the perfect combination of notable Flume influence with the typical abruptness in sound changes and dreamy vocals of Son Lux.

Following this track was a tune from the band’s 2013 “Lanterns” album. “Easy” is Son Lux’s most commercially successful song. The song was noticeably less impressive live than on the record. During the live performance, it sadly lacked substance and clean shifts.

However, the third song of the night, “Surrounded,” another track from the band’s latest album shows the matured sound and style of the group as a whole. This song had clean, fluid shifts and sudden pauses that kept the crowd's attention. 

At the end of "Surrounded," drummer Ian Chang got a chance to show his skills with a very long drum solo that wooed the crowd.

Even a couple songs in, the crowd was still crazy polite and attentive. “It’s rare to feel like everyone in the room is listening,” said Lott, who noticed the respectful quiet throughout the room.

In Son Lux, each band member brings an equally powerful aspect to the band’s live performance as a whole. These three extremely talented musicians bring completely different elements to stage and make their individual strengths work together through the band's dreamy compositions.

Photo from Chromatic PR

Photo from Chromatic PR