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Alexis Taylor's intimate performance at The Empty Bottle

Alicia Maciel | Thursday, June 14, 2018

"I came because I love Hot Chip" was only one of the phrases overheard from the anticipated crowd. As more people trickled in as the night passed by, Alexis Taylor headlined a synth-filled night at The Empty Bottle. 

In the heart of Chicago's Ukrainian Village, The Empty Bottle's known for hosting some of the best underground acts and sticking true to their motto "music friendly dancing". Adding Alexis Taylor, along with opening act Annie Hart, to their artist history only enriches the venue's fantastic history. Following a solo career focusing on introspection, the singer/songwriter showcased his creativity in new ways.

Alexis kept loyal Hot Chip fans on their toes by performing '90s dance tracks like "Beautiful Thing" and the sultry, smooth HC track "White Wine & Fried Chicken". Infusing affectionate tones into his clear vocals, Alexis Taylor's electropop project highlights themes of nostalgia and identity all while challenging his dynamics.  

Incorporating energetic samples and instrumentals that resonated with the audience, more and more attendees approached the stage and swayed along to the rhythm. With 5 albums under his belt, the most recent being Beautiful Thing this year via Domino RecordsAlexis Taylor continues to emotionally impact any listener by showcasing vulnerability at its finest. Shaping the album around the title track, Tim Goldsworthy (co-founder of Mo Wax and DFA Recordings, member of UNKLE and LCD Soundsystem) joined Alexis to produce Beautiful Thing. Honing in on a realm of artists for inspiration, the two worked side by side to bring the intimate tracks to a new level.

With haunting vocals telling the story of one's creative and personal journey, Alexis Taylor's tracks hit different heart strings - easily resonating with anyone, anywhere. 

Stay updated with Alexis Taylor by checking out the video for "Beautiful Thing" below along with upcoming tour dates and links.

Written by Alicia Maciel (IG, Twitter: @eraseher_), a fan of hugs and the surfer emoji.