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2019's Stoked for Stokes: The Beths

New Zealand rock pop quartet The Beths is everyone’s new favorite band - find out why they’re a must-see.

Enthusiastic onlookers cheered in excitement as Liz Stokes set up her gear. Arms full of pedals and tambourines, the fans counted down the seconds until The Beths hit Lincoln Hall’s stage. Light shined over the sea of attendees - many from the band’s fall sold out show. The anticipation rose, the curtains opened, and the music started right on time.

The New Zealand rockers kicked off their set with “Whatever”. From the track’s drama building pre-chorus to Jonathan Pearce’s guitar solos shining, the crowd got a taste of their signature harmonies and sing-along lyrics. Followed by the emotional-ridden “You Wouldn’t Like Me”, The Beths showed their modern take on power pop with punching vocals and introspective lyricism.

Their love for allegro tempos was exemplified in “Not Running”, grabbing heartstrings of listeners both in the venue and streaming via Audiotree. A personal favorite, the song’s dialogue tells a story of one’s need for attentiveness and appreciation. In addition to jaw-dropping harmonies, the amplification drives the theme home.

Up next was “Warm Blood”, an EP highlight impressing the attendees with attention grabbing choruses and rockin’ riffs. “Great No One” showcases Liz’s vocal range and Jonathan’s to-the-point guitar solos. Alluring the audience’s attention was “River Run”, with notes scaling up and smiles spreading throughout the venue.

“Idea/Intent” from Warm Blood EP followed the wave of delicacy, with the spotlight on bassist Benjamin Sinclair. Deep cut “Lying in the Sun” transmitted Weezer-esque, surfy vibes to the audience. “Happy Unhappy” got the crowd riled up with amazing harmonies and impressive guitars.

Instrumental flares and dynamic structures were found in the performance of “Little Death”. The rhythmic buildup, subtle effects, drum fills, and transition of chorus to fade out leaves a stellar impression on those tuning in. Rounding out their set was “Less Than Thou”, channeling a stand-out indie rock vibe with a chorus duet.

The Beths came back onstage with a two-song encore consisting of high-energy, hit tracks “Future Me Hates Me” and “Uptown Girl” (most recent music video) - closing out their sold out performance impeccably and ready to meet fans at merch right after.

On the road nonstop supporting their debut LP Future Me Hates Me (via Carpark Records), check out their tour dates here. The Beths will perform at Chicago’s Logan Square Arts Festival this summer! Keep an eye out for their Live from Lincoln Hall performance here.

Written by Alicia Maciel (Twitter: @eraseher_), a fan of hugs and the surfer emoji.

Alicia Maciel