LAUV @ Lincoln Hall

Evan Hazlett | February 16, 2018

On Friday, I had the opportunity to attend and photograph Lauv’s sold out show at
Lincoln Hall. This show was especially special to Lauv as he was nearing the end of his North
American tour and was also special me as I got to attend it with a very good friend of mine
named Ashley, touring colleges in the Chicago area. Her last night in the Windy City
was spent dancing along to Lauv’s melodic vibes. If that isn’t a perfect ending for a trip to
Chicago, I’m not sure what is.

If I’m being honest, I was not super familiar with Lauv’s music before this show. I knew
some of his unpopular songs, and a few of his more popular ones such as “I Like Me Better” and “A Different Way” which Lauv recorded with none other than DJ Snake. I had not heard of
Jeremy Zucker, the opener on this tour but after this show - I definitely will be streaming Jeremy and Lauv’s song a lot more often.

The overall show was exceptional, starting with Jeremy Zucker’s opening. One quick
thing I noticed is his strong resemblance to Blackbear. I was not surprised when Jeremy shared
with the audience that he was going to play the original of a song he wrote that Blackbear
released titled “Make Daddy Proud.” I’ve jammed to this song so many times and it was
awesome to see where it originated from. I love seeing this type of music progression.
The most important thing to me at every show I go to is the audience/performer
interaction. Lauv not only gave a spectacular performance but truly connected with the audience.

I think his tour name “I met you when I was 18” personally connects with myself and many other 18 year olds in the audience. Throughout the show, he would stop to describe the meaning of many of the songs he sung which I think adds a new level to them. The one comment he made that got the most attention from the audience was his statement about falling in love. He said that falling in love is full of ups and down and is truly confusing as hell. This statement is something that we can all relate to and the audience’s cheers led me to believe they agree.

Something special and I haven’t seen done at a show before is something Lauv refers to
as "Blue Thoughts". Basically, at every show there is a box and Lauv encourages attendees to write anything on their mind, anything at all and throw it in a box. He then takes these notes and a photo with the crowd and saves them as a memory. This is a truly creative way to really connect and embrace with fans. I commend his for this and it was a wonderful sight to see so many excited fans tossing their notes in.

I am looking forward to seeing Lauv again February 22, as he will be performing for DePaul students at their annual free concert named Polarpalooza. Students can
reserve their tickets HERE. I highly recommend DePaul students to catch this show, and non-
DePaul students to catch Lauv next time he comes around.

Gryffin @ Bottom Lounge Review

Evan Hazlett | October 2017

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending and photographing Gryffin’s show at the Bottom Lounge as well as his performance at the Mike’s Harder launch party event. This was truly a dream come true because I have been a fan of Gryffin for a while now and had the opportunity to see him at Lollapalooza this past summer. His performance at Lolla took my breath away and since then he has become one of my favorite electronic music performers.

Many of Gryffin’s songs inspire emotions within the listeners. My favorite “Heading Home,” is one of these. Me and my best friend Jenna first heard this song in a promotional video for Electric Forest, an eight-day festival spread over two weekends in Rothbury, Michigan. This song captured our excitement to attend the festival and over the next few months became a song that described our friendship. When I think of home, I not only think of Detroit, Michigan, but I think of this song, and my best friend Jenna. When I heard this song on Friday I felt nothing but pure joy. With the crowd showing their funkiest moves, and Gryffin on the guitar, it was truly a perfect moment.

My favorite aspect of Gryffin is how talented he is at mixing the electronic portion of his music and playing the instrumental parts. Throughout his performance, he often plays the guitar and piano. This adds an amazing feature to his electronic based music. It shows that he is not simply pressing play as many DJs do today, but he is creating the music and sharing his diverse talent.

One aspect important in any show, is energy. This is another area that Gryffin excels in and made his show on Friday worth wild. Whether it’s while he mixes or plays guitar and the piano, or simply dancing with his audience, he never fails to keep his body and facial energy high. You can see the love and enjoyment he has in his music and this causes the audience to keep their energy high and never stop dancing.

From two outstanding openers, (ayokay, and Autograf (who I ought to mention is a Chicago native) to the colorful lights, and vivid visuals, Gryffin really gave attendees their money’s worth. Throughout my time at the show, I did not witness one attendee not having the time of their life. There was one man in particular who stood out to me above all else. His dance moves were stellar and lasted from the very first song of the opener to the final song of Gryffin. There was not a moment I did not see this man’s feet moving and arms twisting.

Gryffin’s performance at the Mike’s Harder event was quite different because this was a DJ set. He still played his well-known songs. Hearing them a second time was nothing less than a sweet treat. Although this performance did not contain any live instruments, Gryffin brought back many throwbacks and the audience reacted with loud screams of gratitude.

Anyone who is looking to have some fun should attend one of Gryffin’s shows in the future. From the wild dance moves, to the emotional ballads, every aspect of both of Gryffin’s performances added to the overall sensation. I can only look forward to what Gryffin will bring to audiences next and what the future will hold for himself and his listeners.