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Interdependence’s New Single Explains What It Means To Be “Human”

Nikki Roberts | March 2017

Interdependence is a three-piece goth/punk band based out of Orland Park. After releasing a five-track EP entitled Self Destructive, in October of 2015, the band is preparing to release their debut album in May of this year.
To build anticipation for the band’s full-length debut Interdependence released “Human”, the first single from their upcoming album, on March 10th. Typically, singles are meant to be representative of the musical or thematic content of the entire album from which they are released. For this reason, “Human” is a peculiar first single, because it is a nearly five-and-a-half-minute long rock ballad.
When I first listened to “Human” I immediately envisioned it as a My Chemical Romance bonus track. The opening guitar line is somewhat reminiscent of Green Day’s sound on their album 21st Century Breakdown. The song features two male vocalists: one who sings the verses and one who sings a lyrical bridge; there is no distinguished lyrical chorus. At the end of the song their voices come together for the outro. The lyrics of “Human” are about remembering a lost love and the emotions the singer still clings to about this lost love. One lyric that stood out to me was “your voice rings out like my favorite tune”. The somber, yet hopeful, lyric adds to the song’s overall air of nostalgia.