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"Rip It Up" - Town Criers' Debut Single

Emily Cosgrove | October 2017

Town Criers is one of the newer, up-and-coming bands in the local scene. I have definitely been hearing their name thrown around lately, specifically in promotional posters for Warble Daze, but hadn’t gotten the chance to listen to them yet. So, when asked to review their new single, “Rip It Up”, I was excited to give it a listen.

Since Chicago is a huge hub for rock music, I had high expectations for “Rip It Up”. This track is the only song currently on Town Criers’ Bandcamp, so it serves preview for what is to come from this band.

Here’s a snippet of their bio via Warble Daze: “Before even having a name to go by and only one song mentally written down, Andre Baptista, Scott Truesdale, Vince Pimentel, and Kevin Allen, were asked to play a friend's house show that coming Friday. The long black-haired boys got to the garage and cranked out a thirty minute Kinks influenced, "psych-punk", setlist to make the house show an unforgettable one.”

Photo by Micki Harris

Photo by Micki Harris

Town Criers are now taking the Chicago music scene head on with a debut EP in fall 2017 so their fans can listen to their music through headphones and live Day 2 - Saturday, October 14 at Warble Daze!

I really enjoyed their debut track. Although on their Facebook page, Town Criers describes themselves as simply “Chicago Rock N’ Roll”, they have a nice garage-rock, lo-fi sound to their music. These two sounds have been popular genres in Chicago for quite a while now, but Town Criers manage to stand out by providing us with this distinct, catchy single.

Since they do not have any other music online at the moment, I am excited to see them live on October 14th at Warble Daze. From genuinely jamming out to “Rip It Up", seeing the rest of their live set will give everyone a better idea of what’s to come from Town Criers.

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