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Vinyl Theatre @ Beat Kitchen Review

Sabrina Miresse | November 29, 2017

Vinyl Theatre’s sound is maturing and Chicago reacted to it with lots of energy. The Milwaukee band played with Portland duo Patternist and Chicago group The Giving Moon at Beat Kitchen on Nov. 29.
Vinyl Theatre is an alternative pop trio consisting of lead vocals and guitarist Keegan Calmes, keyboardist Chris Senner, and Nick Cesarz on drums. Mostly known for their electropop sound from their 2014 debut album Electrogram, this band is changing their sound up with the 2017 album, Origami. This nine-track album showcases Vinyl Theatre’s guitar-centric rock sound. 
The 85-minute Vinyl Theatre set at Beat Kitchen was opened with new song, “My Fault,” and featured all of the band’s tracks from Origami.
Back in 2013, the trio branded their electropop sound with the release of their Gold EP. These songs had high energy tech-pop sounds that still underlie the band’s image.
The shift from the EP to their debut album Electrogram in 2014 was a slight marker in what their sound was becoming. The album included songs that came off catchy and absorbable to audiences. Especially with the song “Breaking Up My Bones” that gained popularity quickly.
Origami is more intricate, fluid and consistent. This album shows growth and a new rock flare through the more guitar heavy songs. The electropop, Two Door Cinema Club-influenced sound is still there, but a more unique style has been crafted.
The echoing creativity that shines in Origami is truly impressive. “We were working full time jobs when we wrote Electrogram, and we didn’t have the time to put everything into music. Origami is just a more well-rounded version of what we want to do as a band,” Calmes said to The Chicago Vibe.
The emotion behind the Origami compilation is one that instigates happiness. Calmes explained that the band had more time to draw from their influences with this album, including Catfish and the Bottlemen and The Killers. This was evident in the lyrics and sheer intimacy of the tracks.
From seeing Vinyl Theatre live in their earlier years, the one thing that has remained unchanged is the bright attitude and energy the band brings to stage.
The crowd at Beat Kitchen was filled with true fans who were dancing, singing and vibing with Calmes’ stage presence. The energetic group of people were the first concert crowd I’ve ever seen start a Conga line.
Throughout the show, the production quality showed to be much superior to their earlier music. The sound was more powerful, and the vocal techniques and guitar solos were impressive.
The band closed with the popular tune “Breaking Up My Bones” and an intense drum duo between Senner and Calmes.  
Electrogram was the infantile sound and Origami is growing from there,” Calmes said to The Chicago Vibe.
Origami by Vinyl Theatre is now available on vinyl at shows and online here.