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The Chicago Vibe offers a variety of services for musicians, people behind the scenes, music businesses, and plenty more. All services will be provided by college students and young adults.

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From press photos to live concert photography, The Chicago Vibe offers materials from behind the lens to artists, business professionals, promoters, festivals - after editing of course. 

Please email with inquiries and/or questions. 

All photos will be published online with watermarks and we offer licensing. 

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The Chicago Vibe has one team specializing in videography through the forms of live performance trailers, music videos, lyric videos, interviews, and much more. We provide concept assistance, filming, editing, and online promotion. 

As there is one team specializing in videography, this is our most selective process.

Donations are highly encouraged. 

Please fill out the form provided in this section for videography inquiries. 




The Chicago Vibe can provide you with reviews, interviews, editorials, promotion, and plenty more for singles, albums, business endeavors, festivals, and the list goes on. 

We also promote music, shows, events, podcasts, etc.

Please email with inquiries and/or questions. 

For press releases specifically, contact